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Wishing all of you, our dear friends, the presence of God during this season! Allow the celebrations of this season to draw you closer to Him! ”For by Him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him (Jesus), and for Him (Jesus):…” Colossians 1:16

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“Top 5″ Christmas Gift Ideas (@ TMMLC!)

Are you wishing for some perfect Gift Ideas for your family or friend? We did a survey among the staff here at Tussey Mtn. Mulch Landscape Center and compiled a list of what we think are the “Top 5″ best ideas for a Christmas gift (for him or for her). Is your friend a gardener? Does your hubby like to collect reliable tools? Check out the following ideas! And it doesn’t end with these… stop by to shop. We are open!

TMMLC Gift Card Gift Idea

You may consider a Gift Card to be impersonal. But it is extremely flexible! If you aren’t exactly sure what your gardening friend needs or what he/she already has in their collection, choose a Gift Card! It never expires… and your friend will be able to shop for that perfect item at the perfect time.

BGE Gift Idea

Did your dad (or that special somebody) start a Big Green Egg collection? Maybe he hasn’t yet? We have Big Green Eggs and accessories in stock, including turkey/chicken roasters, flexi/slider baskets, wooden/aluminum pizza peels, corn cob holders, pizza cutters… and the list goes on. Learn more about Big Green Egg here >>>Big Green Egg. And if we don’t have what you want? Call in soon enough and we will have it by Christmas!

Wind Chimes Gift Idea

Bring the sound of spring to your front door in time for Christmas! “Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes are musically designed to produce soft, rich tones that blend together in beautiful harmony.” We have black, blue, and green in limited stock. SPECIAL: 25% OFF any Corinthian Bell wind chime (in stock items only)

Poly Furniture Gift Idea

Do you know what lasts “forever”, doesn’t splinter or fade or warp or need replaced? Poly furniture! This product is excellent for patio and outdoor living. With many colors and styles, you are sure to match your unique environment. And it sits so comfortably. Stop by and see for yourself! SPECIAL: 15% OFF (any in stock items)

OX Tool Gift Idea

Want a really reliable tool to use? OX offers tools for layout and measuring, wood-working, brick-laying, concreting and plastering, striking, cutting, demolition, and storage! OX Tools offer a full, no hassle guarantee on their tools. SPECIAL: Buy more than $50 in tools; Get a FREE OX tool bill cap! 

Other Gift Ideas to consider… 1. Bubbling Boulder 2. Mulch and/or Decorative Gravel 3. Fire Pit, and 4. Bird Seed

In this season of giving, truly give from your heart. And never forget that all we have has been given to us. In giving, honor God and bless others! Have a blessed Christmas!

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Providing for Splashes of Color and Life

by Brian J. Horst / Sales Associate

 As colder weather sets in, our feathered friends get the feel of winter in their bones and begin to head for warmer climates. But as you know, not all birds head south. It’s a wonderful design of God’s to allow these simple yet beautiful creatures to remain with us during the long, cold, days of winter, adding splashes of color and life to our landscapes.

“Birding,” a hobby of many outdoor enthusiasts, is for anyone who loves observing birds in their natural habitats. Backyard bird feeding and watching can be breathtaking as some of nature’s most beautiful sights and sounds are brought right outside your window.

Two things happen when cold days set in. (#1) The birds’ calorie requirements increase. (#2) Their natural calorie sources disappear, such as insects, seeds, tree buds, and wild fruit. Now that sounds like a predicament, doesn’t it? But because of this, birds are instinctively searching for winter food sources right now. They aren’t waiting until there is a blanket of snow covering everything to decide where their winter hotspot will be. Neither should you be waiting!

Saying “yes” to the hobby of birding means starting right now as well. You can start feeding your birds anytime of the year! But autumn is an especially important time to be feeding your feathered friends.  It is the time of year they are searching for reliable food sources. And they will remember you if you are supplying them with tasty morsels in your backyard. People who wait to begin feeding the birds until the weather is severe often miss out on having them revisit their backyard. Don’t miss this winter delight! Now is the time to have your birdfeeders filled full.

But then come the questions… What foods should I use? Is there any particular feeder that is better than another? How do I attract certain birds? Following are 5 tips that you will find both informative and helpful as you embrace the hobby of birding.

1. Use foods that have a high calorie, high fat content. The birds will appreciate you for this. Their bodies need an intake of high metabolic foods during the winter to help them survive the freezing temperatures. Two excellent foods for this are black oil sunflower seeds and suet. Black oil sunflower seeds are a popular food item for a grand variety of birds including cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, goldfinches, and purple finches. Black oil sunflower seeds are the best sunflower seeds to use because they have higher oil content than the striped sunflower seeds. Suet is a solid fat product from beef or venison that provides concentrated energy. To attract different birds, experiment with using different foods such as nyger seed, safflower seed, peanuts, white millet, or salt crystals. Also surprise your birds with treats such as mealworms and chopped or dried fruits. Acceptable fruits that will be well received are chopped apples, orange wedges, banana slices, halved grapes, or melon rinds.

2. Provide unfrozen water. Oftentimes one of the hardest things for birds to come by in the winter is a source of fluid water. Offering water will be a sure attraction to the birds flitting through your backyard. Make sure you replenish the supply daily. A small de-icer or a heated birdbath may be necessary to keep the water thawed.

3. Start out with a hanging tubular feeder. Trust me… there are not a few bird feeders. There are birdfeeders designed for the varying weights of birds. There are ground feeders, platform feeders, hopper feeders, suet feeders, feeders for different seeds, etc. I would encourage you to simply get started with a hanging tubular feeder, and fill it with black oil sunflower seeds. This has been known to be an effective combination in attracting a large number of birds to backyards. To attract a variety of birds, experiment with different styles of feeders and place them at various locations. Some higher, some lower, closer to the house, or farther from the house.

4. Provide a safe and clean environment for the birds. While you will want to place your feeder in an open location where you will be able to observe the birds, make sure that the feeder is not too far removed from tree cover. This will allow the wild birds to scout out the area before they come in for a landing, and it will help them to feel secure while they are feasting at your banquet feeder. Also take measures to prevent your birds from experiencing window collisions. Measures you can take from the interior would be installing blinds or shutters and keeping them partially closed or slightly angled so as to cut back on reflection. Reflection is a primary cause for birds crashing into your windows in the first place. Placing your houseplants in locations other than your windowsills will keep your feathered friends from being fooled into thinking that they see a place of shelter or food. Some exterior measures you can make would be placing planters at the base of your windows to provide a place for them to land before they fly into a window. Installing screens is another exterior measure you can make. Screens not only cut down on reflection but also provide cushion if the bird does happen to fly into the window. Another thing you can do to protect your birds is to remove the hiding places of cats. Cats love to sneak up on birds. So do your birds a favor and place your feeders in a secure location. And above all keep the feeders free of debris or wet, moldy food.

5. Use binoculars and a backyard bird guide. These tools will help to make your birding experience fun and educational. You will also find it interesting to keep a written list of all the birds that have visited your backyard and that you have been able to identify. If you have children living with you, you will definitely want to involve them in this exciting venture. If you are into photography, having your camera close by would be a wise idea. You never know when you will see that once-in-a-lifetime scene that would make a WOW picture!

We here at Tussey Mtn. Mulch Landscape Center are dedicated to making your dream of birding become a real experience for you. Whether it is supplies that you need or questions you have, call on us and we will help you out. We have a variety of feeders, seeds and suet in stock. Also, if your backyard is bare and boring, and you wish to add shrubbery or trees, all of our Nursery Stock is 50% OFF from now until the end of the year. Remember birding is something that is easy to do and does not consume a lot of time or money. And it’s helping to provide life for nature’s creatures! Have fun birding this autumn, winter… and for the rest of your life!  


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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving pic

Wednesday, Nov. 25 (CLOSED @ 3 p.m.)

Thursday – Saturday, Nov. 26-28 (CLOSED)

Monday, Nov. 30 (OPEN 8:00-5:00)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.” Psalm 100:4

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10 Tips for Fall Pond Care


A nip in the air, shorter days, and the shedding of multi-colored leaves from the trees signifies a changing of the seasonal guard. Gardeners across the country take precautions to protect their landscapes from the harsh reality of winter. Water features in the landscape require special consideration when putting your pond to bed for a long winter’s nap. Pond maintenance chores in the fall and winter vary depending on where you live, but there are some basic guidelines to help your aquatic plants and finned friends weather the chill of Mother Nature. Following is a handy check list to help ensure a healthy pond come spring time.

10 Tips for Fall Pond Care


  1. Decaying leaves and foliage produce toxic gases that can harm your fish so you want to remove this debris before winter rolls into town. You don’t need to remove every single last leaf, but try to remove the majority.
  2.  If you put protective pond netting over your pond before the leaves started to fall, your job is easy. Carefully roll up the net and discard the leaves that were caught.
  3. If you didn’t use a net over the surface of your pond, you’ll need to remove the build-up of leaves from the bottom of the pond. Use a long handled pond net to scoop them out. Check your skimmer basket and remove any leaves that are still caught inside.
  4. Add Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria to the pond once the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Use twice weekly for two weeks, and then once per week until the water starts to freeze.
  5. Stop fertilizing your aquatic plants after the first frost.
  6. Trim back hardy marginal aquatic plants to 2″ above the water to keep the dead foliage from drooping over into the pond.
  7. Trim back waterlily leaves and stems to 2-3″ above the base of the plant. This keeps dead foliage from decomposing in the pond.
  8. If you left hardy waterlilies in their pot, drop them into the deepest part of the pond to over-winter. Do not bring them indoors as they need a period of dormancy.
  9. Bring tropical waterlilies indoors if you want to over-winter them. Keep the pot in 50-degree water or take them out of the pot and store in sand. Be advised, even trained horticulturists lose a lot of tropical waterlilies when storing them indoors, so you might simply want to treat them as annuals.
  10. Once temperatures drop to 50 degrees, stop feeding your fish. They need to get ready to hibernate and you’ll want to avoid any metabolic complications. You can feed them Cold Water Fish Food until the temperature drops below 50 degrees.
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Feeding Fish in the Fall

by Aquascape

You’ve enjoyed watching and feeding your fish all summer, and now it’s time to help them prepare for their winter’s nap. You want to make sure your fish are strong and healthy as Old Man Winter makes his way to your pond. A well-balanced diet is critical to the health of your fish.

Feeding Fish in the Fall

When pond temperatures fall below 60-degrees, your fishes’ metabolism and digestive system begins to slow down. Investing in a pond thermometer will help you determine when to change the eating regimen of your beloved finned friends.

Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food has been scientifically formulated to provide quality nutrition to all pond fish, including goldfish and koi. The inclusion of spirulina and wheat germ helps make the food easier to digest at colder water temperatures. Feeding your fish the proper food will help ensure your fish survive their winter slumber.

When spring rolls around and you’re anxiously waiting to see your playful koi once again, you’ll be glad you took consideration in the fall to properly care for them. And remember, you can feed them Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food up until the pond water rises above 60-degrees!

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The Advantages of Buying from a Landscape Center


 by Jason Sensenig (Sales Associate, Landscape Center Manager)

When it comes to picking out product for your hardscape project, you of course want to shop around to see what all product is “out there.” A wise person will do his research before making a larger investment like that.

Today, most people do research online. This can be very helpful! I also do a lot of research online before I make a purchase…especially a purchase of any size. When a consumer searches “pavers” or “wall block” online, there are several large stores that come to the top of the search engine. I will not mention the names of these stores, but they are a great place to go if you are looking for lumber, building materials, plumbing supplies, etc. But when it comes to hardscape products, there are some disadvantages to going to that type of store. Below are 5 advantages of buying hardscape products at a landscape center, such as Tussey Mountain Mulch Landscape Center, over, well… stores that sell landscape products that aren’t landscape centers!

  1. Product availability: We keep a large inventory of pavers, retaining wall, edging, steppers, and much more! All these products come in different colors and styles. Those other stores may not have the options, or quantity.
  2. Customer service: At Tussey Mountain Mulch Landscape Center, you are more than just “another customer.” We love seeing repeat customers, learning to know you, and simply being a friend to you.
  3. Knowledge / education: Our staff is educated in the landscape industry. Our employees attend events / seminars that are geared specifically to the landscape industry. We are not only educated in the product we carry, but can also educate you in the installation process. We even offer FREE Hardscape Seminars for you! (you can see a schedule of seminars on our website:
  4. Consistency: If only I got $10 for every customer that comes through our doors, carrying a paver or wall block from “one of those stores”, looking to match it, I would be rich! While every hardscape company has the potential to discontinue product that doesn’t move, the chances of that happening are a lot less if you buy from a quality company like EP Henry or Techo-Bloc. Most of the products that we sell have been on the market for years. Oh…and if you are looking to match something that you got elsewhere, we probably will not be able to match it exactly, but we might have something close… somewhat.
  5. Quality: Not much to say about this point. Simply said, there is no comparison between the quality of product.

So before you make the decision to make that hardscape purchase, think twice. Cheaper isn’t always better. Give us the opportunity to help you make wise a decision. A decision that you won’t regret in a few years.



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