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Fall Gardening Tips

Bird Center

Our Birding Center

Just a couple fall tips…

Fall is a beautiful time of year but our flower beds can start to show the toll that fall takes on them. The flowers are spent and they can look straggly and ugly. If you have annuals that are done and not blooming anymore, you can pull them out. For perennials, it’s best to just get your trimmers and knock them back. I cut most of mine to about 5 inches up from the ground.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have flower beds that are beautiful right into the early fall months? It is possible with a little bit of planning! Take note to the things you buy next spring and summer. Find out if the leaves turn color or if it blooms into the fall. Take the burning bush, for instance, its leaves turn brilliant red, giving your beds some beautiful color!  You also could plant California poppies or cleomes half way through the summer season and then they will be in peak bloom over the fall months!  Shasta daisies and perennial sage bloom right into the fall as well! Just keep that in mind as you are spring shopping and soon you will have beautiful fall beds up until MR. Frost hits, then we have to admit that winter is coming!

We have the supplies you need to keep our feathery bird friends warm and fed this winter as well. We have a full line of birding supplies including bird houses, bird & suet feeders, bird seed and more…  Stop in and check it out!   Wishing you a beautiful and safe, fall and winter season!   Blessings,   Judy

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Pictures from Campfire Night in our Autumn Summit Sale

Here are some Pictures of our Campfire Night that took place on Sept. 28, 2010. We had a perfect evening for sitting around the campfires roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, drinking cider, visiting with friends and taking in the fresh fall air!

The Greenhouse in Fall Splendor

It was great to meet old friends and make new ones!!!!

The food was delicious! Especially the baked goods!

Ryan & Kalei enjoying the evening!

Fall Displays are amazing!

The Pond Winterization Seminar

We enjoyed seeing each one of you here!

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