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Want to Get Your Feet Wet?

Have you ever considered a water feature? Watch this video and we might just get your feet wet!

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Pond Winterization Video

We, as distributors of Aquascape, are delighted to share some of their educational videos with you! Aquascape has a full line of products to help you out with your pond, which we stock here as well. The following video shows you how to winterize your pond. If you have any questions, feel free to give us call!

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Introducing Our Ice Melt Products

Our ice melt products are here! We have Rock Salt, Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets, and Industrial Strength Ice Melt. Make sure you use our “Paver & Concrete Safe” ice melts to ensure you don’t damage the surface of your paver or concrete sidewalks, patios and driveways! Here are some of the details on these products:

50 lb. bag Melt temperature:
-25ºF (Paver & Concrete Safe)

50 lb. bag Melt temperature:
-15ºF (Paver & Concrete Safe)

50 lb. bag Melt temperature: 20ºF

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Pond Winterization

     It’s the time of year again to be getting our ponds ready for the cold, winter months! It is important that we properly prepare our ponds for winter to help ensure that we can again see our scaled friends in the spring. It is also important that we maintain a healthy ecosystem throughout the winter months so we can enjoy clear water when the ice melts. Here are five “C’s” to help keep your pond and fish healthy until spring.

     Clean out leaves and debris from your pond

            Installing a pond netting helps reduce the amount of leaves

     Cut dead or dying foliage from your pond

            Cut back hardy waterlilies just above the base of the plant

            Cut back marginal plants that could droop over and fall into the water

     Cold water bacteria needs to be used

            Regular bacteria does not work in cold water

            “Arctic Blend” is the best way to keep your pond and fish healthy in cold water

     Chisel any ice that dams up in your stream/pond that may cause unnecessary water loss

           ATTN: Hitting on the ice on your pond could cause damage to your fish’s health

            If you keep your pond running thru the winter, you still need to maintain it

            Make sure you top off the water level as needed

     Care for your pump and equipment – if you shut the pond off for the winter

            Remove the pump and store in a bucket of water in above freezing temperatures

            Remove, clean, and store the filters in a dry place

            Add a small re-circulating pump in your pond to allow oxygenation in the water

     We here at Tussey Mountain Mulch are dedicated to helping you keep your pond an enjoyable experience. With our full line of Aquascape products, we can ensure you that we have what you need to keep your water feature looking great throughout the winter months! Give us a call or stop by and we can help you with your winter pond care.;

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NEW! Just Arrived! Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes


Our beautiful Corinthian Bell Chimes have arrived just in time for Christmas shopping! Click here for more details and to view our special good thru Dec. 24th, 2010. These outstanding chimes make excellent Christmas gifts. Stop by today to hear the quality of the tones and see the durability of the construction!



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