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Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is almost here! We have been busy preparing for the new year! Things are starting to take shape and come together for the new season! We are planning on having some new displays, new products and many more exciting things for you this spring.

Our spring seeds have arrived!!! Be sure to stop by and check them out. We have seed for many of your garden needs, from vegetables to wildflowers! We are excited to be able to offer this to you for the first time!

We look forward to serving you in 2011. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you! We’re only a phone call or an email away! 814.696.1920 or

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Keep Your Pond Topped Off during Winter

Aquascape Pond in WinterProper water level in your pond is necessary to keep your skimmer operating properly. Even during the chill of winter, evaporation of as much as one inch a week can occur and this water needs to be replaced.

waterfill valve is easy to install and will automatically keep your pond topped off for you, but if you live in a cold climate where the waterfill valve pipe could freeze in the winter, you’ll need to resort to the old fashioned way … topping off the pond by hand. This either means schlepping a bucket out to your pond or running a hose from an indoor water source.

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For the Birds

Cardinal by Aquascape

In winter, water can be hard for birds to find, especially during long spells without snow. When forced to eat snow for their moisture, their body must work to warm it up. And when the sun is out, you will see birds hopping from rock to rock in search of melting ice near the water’s edge. All of this takes valuable energy.

You can make life easier in the winter by leaving open water in your pond in a place that is easily accessible to the birds. You can do this with a pump that moves the water, preventing it from freezing, or with a low-voltage floating heater. Be sure to place these near the edge of your pond so the open water is easily accessible to the birds.

Don’t forget to feed the birds who come to visit your pond. As with water, it is sometimes hard for them to find enough food during the winter. In addition to store-bought bird feed and suet, include native trees and shrubs in your landscape that offer edible fruit for the birds.

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Best Wishes in 2011!

Happy New Year! 2010 is now only a memory, and we are looking forward to another great year. We want to thank each one of you that helped make 2010 a prosperous year for us. Even though winter is upon us, we are still here to serve you, Monday – Friday from 8-5. We spend a lot of our winter time brainstorming and getting everything ready for the Spring rush! We have some exciting new products for 2011 and are looking forward to introducing them to you. Remember to keep checking our blog as we plan to post regular updates. Again, all of us here at Tussey Mtn Mulch Landscape Center are looking forward to another fun and prosperous year with you in 2011! We look forward to serving you!

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