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Display Renovations- Update #1

          If you were to stop in at Tussey Mtn Mulch right now, you would see a flurry of activity going on out in the greenhouse area. Things have been moved around, torn out, and dug up. We are excited about the changes that are taking place tho, and are eagerly awaiting the moment when they will all be done. Below are some pictures to give you a little insight into what’s been happening around here in the past week or so.

 The first step was tearing out the patio and outdoor kitchen to make room for our new displays. 


   Moving the fireplace to make room for a larger display. 

Redesigning the entrance to the greenhouse. 

Digging the hole for a new pond.

          Keep checking back on our blog for more updates on our projects, and remember to stop by this spring to check them out for yourselves! See you soon! 


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