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Check Out Our New Fire Pit!

Hey, Everybody, we just added another fire pit to our collection! This one is called the Appalachian Fire Pit and is running at the fabulous price of $495.95!

Appalachian Fire Pit

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Customer Appreciation Days Comin’ Up!

Hey, folks, Customer Appreciation days are upon us once again! Starting Thursday, June 23, through Saturday, June 25, EVERYTHING will be 10% off! Below are some pictures of last year’s activities. Stop by this year to experience these activities, plus more, for yourself! Click here for more information on this event.

Below are pictures of the fun we had last year!

Enjoying free Soft Serve Ice Cream!

A place bustling with activity!

Enjoying their free hot dogs!

The pond that was built at the Build-a-Pond Seminar

Getting ready to roast hot dogs

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Need An Idea For Father’s Day?

Are you running out of ideas on what to get dad for Father’s Day? How about giving him one of our Brentwood Yard Benches? These benches are a new item that we just started stocking at our landscape center.

These elegant looking benches are going for the fabulous price of $475 ea. Stop by to check them out before Sunday rolls around!

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Summer Pond Care

By: Kyle B. Brown

Sales Associate/Design Consultant

As the summer months get into full swing, there are a few things to consider when caring for your water garden to maintain a healthy ecosystem and keep it looking beautiful.

1. Continue to use beneficial bacteria regularly.  If you started using cold weather beneficial bacteria in the early season, it is now time to switch over to the normal beneficial bacteria.  Beneficial bacteria is going to be the key component to keep your pond looking crystal clear throughout the season!

2. Feed your fish, BUT DON’T OVER-FEED THEM!  Fish are more active during these months and will go into overdrive on these warm days, and eat much more than what they need, this means more more waste.  The excess waste can create dangerous levels of ammonia in the pond which will stress your fish and possibly cause death.

3. Keep your pump running.  Ponds have a much greater need for oxygen during the summer months, however these are the months where oxygen production is at its lowest.  Allowing your pump and stream to run is going to create more oxygen and keep everything much healthier.  Also, add pond plants!  Plants add even more oxygen during the hot summer days.

4. Remove debris from filters, HOWEVER, don’t wash and clean your filter mats.  Doing so will remove the beneficial bacteria that are doing a good job of keeping your water crystal clear.

5. Treat as needed.  Let’s face it, even the healthiest ecosystem will have an issue every now and then.  We carry a full line of water treatments that are both fish and plant safe.  Also, summer is a great time to add the Ion-Gen System to any water feature.  It is a system that adds ionized copper to the water in the feature, killing algae producing particles that dwell in your water.  Call us today and ask us about the system and also ask about our 15% off sale on this system!

Following these simple tips will ensure that your water feature will provide you hours of entertainment and enjoyment this summer!  Please feel free to contact us here at Tussey Mtn Mulch Landscape Center with any water feature questions.

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Pots+Flowers=Beautiful Planters

By: Janelle Martin- Greenhouse Team

My husband managed to sneak these pots out of the greenhouse and surprised me with them for Mother’s Day! We had a great time planting them together with flowers from our plant nursery.  Now we’re enjoying the beautiful splash of color they bring to our deck! We still have many beautiful pots and lots of gorgeous flowers, so drop by sometime to check things out!

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Check Out These Pics From Pizza Night!

Pizza night was a fun night for all. Chef Eten did a great job with the pizzas! For those of you who missed this event, don’t worry! we have more such evenings in store for you!

Chef Eten preparing the dough

Adding all the goodies

Now for the baking!

The crowd waiting for a taste

The finished product

Do these pictures make you hungry for pizza? Join us for our Customer Appreciation Days and also on our Outdoor Living Spaces Tour Weekend. Click here for more information. See you then!

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