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Outdoor Living Spaces Tour Pics

We were blessed with a beautiful full moon evening for our Moonlight Walk on July 16. All the proceeds were given to the Arc of Blair County, and we were able to raise $1200 for them, but that was only possible because of the huge turn out that we had. “Thank you” to all the participants! Below are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Checking out the big pond at TMMLC

The awesome landscaping at the Leighty residence

Waiting for a taste of oven baked pizza done in TMMLC’s Pizza Oven

The large pondless waterfall at Leightys

Isn’t it amazing what lighting can do to enhance your landscape features at night?

Using CAST Lighting adds the finishing touch to a landscape area!

Make sure you check in with us for next year’s tour!

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Keep your plants looking gorgeous during the heat!

Summer Plant Care Tips

By: Kyle B Brown

I hope this post finds you all well, and staying cool during these hazy, hot summer days.  Hopefully you have found a cool place inside to shade yourself from the extreme temperatures, however, what about your plants though, out there braving the heat.  Just because of the extreme heat, doesn’t mean your plants have to look unsightly.  Follow these simple steps and your beds can be popping with color throughout this hot, dry season!

1.  MULCH!  Keep a layer of mulch over your beds, this will retain the moisture of the morning dew and the brief rain showers we do receive.  Mulch will hold the water and allow the plant roots to absorb it as it is needed.

2. WATER!  Water your plants in the morning, or evening.  Watering in the afternoon heat is hard on a plant and also very inefficient.  Irrigating during the heat can put a plant in shock, this is because of the plant’s root system being hot in the midday sun, and then cold water being applied to the root system.  It is comparable to jumping in a freezing cold shower.  Also, it is inefficient, most of the water used during a midday watering will evaporate before the plant can ever use the water.

3. FERTILIZE! Give your plants an extra shot of Miracle Grow or Plant-tone during these hot days.  This will stress the plant a little less because the plant will have better access to the nutrients in which they need to produce  chlorophyll they need to stay healthy.  It is best to fertilize directly before watering, so that you water the fertilizer into the soil, making it easier for the roots to absorb the nutrients.

Follow these simple steps and you will be enjoying lush green gardens and bountiful blooms all summer long.  Please feel free to contact us here at Tussey Mtn Mulch to answer any of your plant health and plant care questions!

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2011 Outdoor Living Spaces Tour Testimonials

“Thank you, Tussey Mtn., for the enjoyable moonlight tour of various ponds in our area. Each was unique in their own way. And thank you to all the kind people who opened their homes for us to see their ponds. We will be looking forward to your next tour. Thank you!”                ~The Carusos, Williamsburg, PA


“Just by coincidence I came to TMM and was glad to get a pass for the fountain tour. I am interested in doing one on my property. These were awesome. The pizza was delicious and all was an enjoyable experience and evening.”               ~John Tate, Hollidaysburg, PA


“I loved the Moonlight Walk tour. I got so many great ideas for my pool area. Thank you!”                   ~Chris Gojmerac, Roaring Spring, PA


The Moonlight Walk Tour was a great experience to allow us to share our landscape project and our experience with Tussey Landscaping with others who are interested in outdoor living areas. It was wonderful knowing that the proceeds for the event went to a great charity like the Arc of Blair County!              ~Brent & Cris Leighty, Newry, PA


Thank you for a beautiful evening. I really enjoyed the food and the Pond Tour- so many pleasant feelings!!! Thank you for doing what you do. You are an asset to the community!                   ~Patty Glunt, East Freedom, PA


We went on the Moonlight Tour and what a beautiful night it was.  Tussey Landscape does such beautiful work.  It is like walking into God’s country.  They did a paver patio for us and we just love it on Winterberry Lane in James Creek.                  ~Dave & Nancy Baughman, James Creek,PA


We enjoyed every second of the tour, really wished for more time, time to enjoy the flowers and rocks at each place and then time to go back and see the lighting at our favorite one perhaps. Perfect weather – the whole evening was wonderful – enjoyed talking to several homeowners – made the evening even more special. Thanks again!                                              ~Margie Harclerode, Bedford, PA

Chef Eten making more of his delicious pizza in TMMLC’s pizza oven!

Like usual, the big pond at TMMLC was a major attraction.

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Pictures Of Our Landscape Project!

By: Jason Sensenig

Sales Associate

I just thought I’d show you all some pictures of a little landscape project we have going on at our place. We had this useless area of grass that went between our house and garage. It was always a pain to mow between there, so we figured, “Why not turn it into a usable area?” We have the project started. Last week we put in some bubbling rocks, now this week, we want to fill in the rest of the area with some natural flagstone, along with some flower beds in the one corner.

The bubbling rocks is a collage of 4 different rocks grouped together to form a little pool in the middle. Three of the rocks are drilled with water bubbling out of them, and splashing into the pool, making a beautiful, soothing sound.

We are anxious to get the project done. My children, Landon (4) and Aubrie (3), are already enjoying the rocks! Right after we had it installed, they were out splashing in it!

One hot afternoon, Landon was staying cool by sitting by the bubbling rocks with his feet sticking in the water!

Thanks for checking out our blog. I’ll keep you posted on how the project is coming along with more pictures and updates in the near future! …and remember, “Tussey Mtn has your fountain!”

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Interesting Article

By Bryant Martin

Manager at TMMLC

ATTN: For People Considering Creating An Outdoor Living Area!

Hey, Friends, I came across this article from the Winston-Salem Journal and of course :-) thought it was very interesting! If you are debating between a deck(whether it be Wood or Trex) or a paver patio this article might help you clarify which route you will take! Stop by our Landscape Center to see our beautiful displays of outdoor living areas. See you soon!

“Homeowners ditching decks in favor of patios”

More homeowners are ditching deck-building in favor of putting in pavers, patios and popular stones to expand outdoor living spaces, said Matthew Dunning of Floors Outdoors in Greensboro.

“The longevity of a patio far exceeds a deck,” Dunning said. “Your upfront cost might be a little more, but the long-term use is better. There’s a lot more you can do as well with patios. There are different stones; different pavers; a lot of different textures, colors and patterns.”

Decks and concrete patios require more maintenance than pavers, including stripping, sanding and replacing broken boards and hardware on decks and repairing cracks in concrete, said Mike Weisgerber of PDC Hardscapes Inc. in Greensboro.

“When you do sand-fit pavers on a stone base, there’s nothing to break down or crack,” Weisgerber said. “If anything happens underneath them, you can just pick the pavers up, redo the stone base, put the pavers back in and it will look like it did before it was repaired. That’s why when you go to schools like UNC, Elon or High Point University, all the walkways are built out of these pavers. You’ll be on a walkway 50 years old, but it doesn’t look 50 years old.”

Hardscapes can liven up any outdoor area with the addition of walkways, stairs, retaining walls, garden walls, borders, terraces and patios. Dunning and Weisgerber say they’re seeing homeowners investing more in their outdoor areas, including adding built-in grills, fire pits, fireplaces and kitchens.

“It makes your backyard more livable,” Dunning said. “It gives you a lot more room to enjoy the outside and enjoy nature, and it adds to the property value as well.”

With so many options for hardscapes, it’s not unusual to blend styles to create a customized look. Homeowners interested in adding hardscaping should take pictures of things they like and things they don’t, as well as look online for photos of other projects before consulting with a company that specializes in hardscaping.

“Just about anything is possible,” Dunning said. “Whatever you can design, we can build.”

Regardless of the type of hardscape products used, properly preparing the base before beginning the project is critical. Taking shortcuts will lead to poor results, including cracking and settling. Hiring a professional with a proven history of good work will ensure the project is done correctly and to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Weisgerber cautions do-it-yourselfers against tackling the project unless they have a solid understanding of the task. A qualified professional landscaper should have the training, tools and equipment.

Before you hire, check the company’s work history, look at photos of their work and make sure the landscaper is certified in concrete-paver installation by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute. Ask for references from clients who have projects that have been in place for more than a season or two to see how they’re holding up.

A reliable professional will also give you advice on maintaining your new backyard space so you get the most out of your investment. Hardscaping projects range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the scope of the project and the topography of your property.

“It might look easy on TV, but my guys do it 365 days a year,” Weisgerber said. “When you watch an 18-minute TV show and they’re laying pavers in Charleston, S.C., or in New York City or Florida, the methods in those places are a lot different than what we use here. If you go out and buy $3,000 in materials and do your own patio and call me to fix it, I basically have to go in and tear out everything you’ve done and start at the beginning.”

“If done properly,” Dunning said, “it’ll last forever.”


Angie’s Home Guide, written by Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List, appears in the Winston-Salem Journal on the fourth Friday of every month. Readers may send questions to Angie at or by mail to Angie’s List, 1030 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. An archive of Angie’s Home Guide is available at the Journal’s website at

FYI- you can register for one our our paver seminars to learn all the proper steps of installation. Click here for more info.

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Moonlight Walk/Outdoor Living Spaces Tour

By Kyle Brown

Design Consultant/Sales Associate at TMMLC

Are you considering creating an exquisite outdoor living space to call your own, but you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to inspiration? Or maybe you just enjoy the beauty of God’s glorious creation. Here is your opportunity to see some of the area’s most breathtaking outdoor living spaces. Join us here at Tussey Mtn Mulch, in conjunction with Tussey Landscaping, for our Moonlight Walk.

What is this Moonlight Walk, you ask? Well, it’s a self-guided tour that will take place throughout southern Blair County, highlighting some of the area’s finest landscaping creations. The tour will highlight several outdoor living spaces that will include a variety of water features, patios, walls, and landscape lighting. This tour will provide you with an opportunity to stroll through these landscapes and allow you to learn what landscape lighting is all about and how it can enhance your outdoor living investment. Maybe you are not ready to take the plunge in creating an exquisite outdoor creation, well, come enjoy a relaxing evening in a few stunning outdoor places.

Also,come out and support a good cause. All proceeds from this event will benefit the ARC of Blair County. You can learn more about this organization and how they benefit our community via their website

You can learn more about the tour by calling us here at Tussey Mtn Mulch at (814)696-1920, or by visiting the Moonlight Walk website We look forward to seeing you there!

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