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Pond Myths- Exposed

  By Kyle Brown

Sales Associate/Design Consultant

When considering a water feature, there is always a long list of reasons homeowners are afraid to “take the plunge” so to speak.  Water features have a long list of benefits to the home, homeowner, and the environment.  Not to mention, they look amazing and can provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment.  I am going to expose a few wives tales that seem to always accompany the water gardening industry and hopefully they will make you feel at ease when considering your water feature purchase.

Myth #1:  A water feature may decrease the value of my property.
Exposed:  This is very false, water features not only increase the property value, but a properly designed and correctly placed water feature can be a huge asset in selling your property!  For every dollar you spend on a water feature, your property value will increase $3.10!  So, for instance, if you were to spend $5000, you can expect your property value to go up an average of $15,000! That’s a great return on investment!

Myth #2: A water feature is a lot of maintenance; all my time will be spent tending to the pond.
Exposed:  False!  A properly functioning ecosystem will take care of itself.  Beneficial bacteria should be added to the feature to maintain the eco system, but this is the only regular treatment necessary.  Algae will happen, it’s inevitable, but even then it’s a breeze to take care of, treating with algaecide or SAB (String Algae Buster) will clear up the problem right away!

Myth #3: They don’t make a water feature that will fit in my yard.
Exposed:  False again.  Water features come in all shapes and styles.  From ponds, to pondless waterfalls or bubbling rocks, even decorative urns and fountains, it is a guarantee that some sort of water feature will fit on your property.

 Myth #4: I will have to take my fish inside if I want them to live over the winter.
Exposed: Incorrect.  Fish will over winter in water that is two or more feet deep.  Only the top 12” approx. of water will freeze and the remaining space will allow sufficient space for the fish to live.  The only necessity is that a hole remains in the ice so that gas exchange can take place.  This can be achieved by running the pump year round or by using a floating de-icer.

Myth #5: I will have to pay someone a lot of money to install a water feature.
Exposed: No Way!  Tussey Mtn Mulch offers several do-it-yourself seminars per year.  Here we will teach you how to install a beautiful backyard ecosystem by yourself.  We also offer our easy to use Create A Pond series.  Here you can buy a package containing everything you will need to create a beautiful water feature; these packages can be purchased for you to install or it can be installed by a professional at a very reasonable price!

So what are you waiting for?  Go on and get your feet wet in water features today!


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New Pond Heater by Aquascapes

Check out this video of a new Pond Heater that we will be selling this year! Its very efficient and user friendly as you will see! Please feel free to call or stop by with your Pond Winterization questions! CLICK HERE to check out our Pond Products Web Page!

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Check out this Video of Campfire Night!

Hello! We had a great time last night at our Annual Autumn Campfire Night! If you missed it (or were here) come out tomorrow evening and join in the fun! Oh, by the way, Chef Steve St Martin will be here from 6-9 doing pizza in our FireRock Outdoor Oven so stop by and get a slice! To see all the sales and events CLICK HERE . See you soon!


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Pics from Campfire Night last evening!

Check out these pictures of our Campfire Night that was held last evening. We all had a good time! Remember, tomorrow evening is the last chance to enjoy our patios after dark! Grab a slice of pizza and enjoy our landscape and patios with our Landscape Lighting! CLICK HERE to go to our events page and get all the details.

 Pond Winterization Seminar Underway

Relaxing and enjoying the evening

Fun for the whole family

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An Amazing Patio with an Appalachian Firepit

Just take a look at this job well done! This is another customer who has created his own outdoor paradise. And he did it by himself! Now come the evenings of relaxing around a fire after a hard day’s work. We are here to help you do the same. Stop by with your questions or ideas, and we will help you on your way. Also our Firepits are 10% off right now, CLICK HERE for more info!

This is his Testimonial- Tussey Mtn Mulch Landscape Center was a great help in inspiring and making my dream patio come true. The sitting wall, patio, and especially the fire pit have been a great asset to my backyard.  It makes for a relaxing evening by the fire and is wonderful for get-togethers and parties.  I’ve received numerous compliments on how it was constructed.  Thanks again Tussey Mtn Mulch for your help and advice!

Galen Feathers, Portage PA

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Helping our Children

By: Jason Sensenig (sales associate)

   “I like to play indoors better because that’s where all the electrical outlets are.” Does this sound like your child? This is the testimony of one fourth grader and I’m afraid, many of our children today. In our world, children’s lives are filled with adventure such as: Xbox games, Ipads, instant messages, cell phones, internet, TV, and much more. Children may know a lot of facts about the Amazon rain forest, how a hurricane develops, etc., but few children experience the excitement of roaming the woods, climbing trees, and playing in the pond. This rapid change, from a few decades ago, isn’t good.

Research links our mental and physical health directly to our association with nature – in positive ways. Studies suggest that thoughtful exposure of youngsters to nature can even be a powerful form of therapy for attention-deficit disorders and other maladies. But how can we encourage our children to unplug and go explore outside?

It is more difficult to get our children involved with nature when we live on ¼ – ¾ acre lots instead of the 100 acre farms with woods and a meadow with a stream running through it. Since it isn’t practical (or we can’t afford) to live on 100 acre farms, we need to look at how we can make our existing property more attractive for our youngsters to lay down the joystick and get outside and explore nature. Here is how many people are doing it.

Many people recognize that water is a natural attraction for children; therefore, they are putting a water feature in their backyard. A water feature can be customized to your liking and specific area. Children spend hours splashing in the stream, wading in the pool, or feeding the fish, calling their favorite fish by name.

Not only do water features help our children get out in nature, but it also increases the value of your property. Statistics show that a water feature increases your property value by 9%, and a “child friendly” water feature increases it by 10%. So why not do yourself, and your child a favor by installing a water feature that you all can enjoy?

Bring the whole family to the landscape center and check out the different options that are available. We would love the privilege of meeting you and your children and discussing the possibilities you have for your property. Bring pictures of your yard and we will be glad to give you ideas on how to lay it out and make it enjoyable, specifically for your children. In this “electronic age”, we owe it to our children to provide an outdoors that they can explore and enjoy!

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