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Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy,… Lunchtime!

by Brian J. Horst

Sales Associate

Time for food! Here is a must-watch video on how to choose the best food out there for your fish. You see, it really DOES matter what your fish are getting for lunch!

Here are a couple tips I will highlight in regards to feeding your fish.

         ♦ Don’t over feed your fish. It’s an easy mistake to make. While it’s fun to be their hero and watch them eat, only feed your fish once every 2 to 3 days. And only feed them as much as they will eat while you are standing there, a small handful at a time. Remember, all uneaten fish food will decompose in your pond and cause misery.

          ♦ Hungry fish are healthy fish. On those days that you don’t feed them, if they get hungry, they will help themselves to algae and other goodies available to them from your pond’s ecosystem.

       ♦ During the autumn and spring seasons, don’t feed your fish while the water temperatures are below 50° F. While the water temperatures are between the 65-50° F range, feed your fish Aquascape’s Premium Cold Water Fish Food. This food is specifically created to help your fish digest their food more easily when their metabolism has kicked into a lower gear.

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The Leaf Loader… New and Innovative!

Here’s something to think about! Here’s something to buy! Why? To make your yard clean-up 2x faster!

This Leaf Loader is available here at Tussey Mtn. Mulch Landscape Center to aid you this autumn. It is great for use in cleaning out gutters or ridding driveways and patios of leaves. It eliminates time, bending, dragging, and scooping. You can’t lose and you won’t regret making the Leaf Loader a part of your life yet this autumn! Selling for the great price of $29.99!

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