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Create a Big Splash with a Water Feature!

Who of us doesn’t like to sit out beside a water feature on a gorgeous summer evening and listen to the relaxing, rhythmic sound of water bubbling over rocks and splashing into the pond below? Maybe you think that you don’t have the money or the space for something like this. With our Create-a-Pond Series you have a variety of options to choose from. From our Bubbling Boulder collection to full scale Ponds to Pondless Waterfalls, we can come up with a water feature to fit your needs. If nothing strikes your fancy when you look at our collection, take heart! We are able to do custom order ones as well. To see our full line of the Create-a-Pond Series, CLICK HERE. We look forward to helping you plan a water feature that will create a big splash for your enjoyment!



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Learn How You Can Choose Your Birds!

Do you like birds? Or maybe you just like certain kinds of birds. We just received a shipment of nifty bird feeders that allows you to choose your birds. By simply adjusting your perch you can choose whether you want smaller birds like chickadees and finches, or bigger birds like cardinals. Watch the video below or CLICK HERE to see what else is so awesome about this feeder!

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Paver Art

Are you a creative person? Unleash that creativity by installing a PaverArt design along  with your patio. With PaverArt you have the option of using one of their designs or designing one of your own. For a unique twist, you can even use your personal picture! Watch the video below to learn more about Paver Art.

To learn more about this wonderful product, CLICK HERE or call us at (814)696.1920.

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March Mulch Madness Sale

We are excited to announce our once a year mulch sale this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! On these three days, you will get $5 off per yard! This applies to deliveries or pickup.

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A Mulch Processing Video

Since we supply a lot of contractors and home owners in central PA with mulch, we decided to put together a short video to give you a glimpse at the process it goes through before being available to our customers. We use only quality products gotten from sawmills as well as a food grade dye on our dyed mulches. For pricing and more information on our mulches, CLICK HERE or call us at (814)696.1920.

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Feeding Your Fish in Spring

If you’re like most pond owners, you can’t wait to greet your fish from their winter’s slumber. You’re anxious to feed them, but be careful not to feed them too soon or too much.

The first food in the springtime should be easily digestible. Wheat germ based foods like Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets are popular, and for good reason. The fish like them and they are good “first foods” for the spring.

Food should first be offered when the water temperatures achieve 50 to 53° F. Feeding should be sparing! If you load up the fish, they will load up the pond with fish wastes and the beneficial bacteria responsible for reducing the wastes will not be functioning optimally in cooler water.

You can start feeding your finned friends with Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets until the water is 55° F. You’ll then want to switch to any combination of two good quality foods. Aquascape Premium Color Enhancing Fish Food Pellets and Aquascape Premium Staple Fish Food Pellets are both good choices. For smaller fish, opt for Aquascape Premium Fish Food Flakes.

Enjoy your fish as they “come back to life” this spring. Take care to feed them sparingly at the start. Once the water warms up and their energy levels are back to normal, your fish will soon be welcoming you each time you visit your pond!

For information on where to purchase Aquascape fish foods, visit

-Compliments of Aquascape, Inc.

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