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“This Summer Consider Your Vacationing Options”

By: Kyle B. Brown

 According to the American Automobile Association, the average North American family vacation costs $244 per day.  This price only includes meals and lodging for just two people.  Add a few children, travel costs, tickets to various attractions, and your ten day vacation can top $10,000 or more!  Not to mention the stress associated with packing, lengthy drives, and long waits at the airport.  As soon as you start to relax, you find that it is time to return back to the daily grind of everyday life.  In today’s economy, spending this type of money on a ten day trip have some people scratching their head and considering if it’s really worth it.  Such a sum of money and short amount of time has folks reconsidering how to get more “bang for their buck.”  This thinking has brought about the term, “staycation.”

                Staycation is a relatively new term that has grown in popularity over the past few years as America has faced some trying economic times.  The staycation is the more economical alternative to the expensive, stressful family trip.  Staycations are spent in the comfort of one’s own home, and this time can be spent visiting local attractions, spending time with family, or spending time in your own personal piece of paradise.  Let’s go further in depth about creating your own backyard oasis.

The ten day trip, as referenced earlier in this article, is usually spent in the middle of the summer, in crowded lines, and seems to end in a feeling of astonishment, wondering where the time has gone.  Why not spend this sum of money on a destination that will be enjoyed during those gorgeous spring days, long summer nights, and brisk fall evenings.  This can be achieved by building your own outdoor living space.  Outdoor living spaces come in all shapes and sizes, and something can be done to meet everyone’s budget.  These backyard retreats can include various building materials and landscape accessories that can create many diverse moods and settings that generate one’s own personal idea of a backyard sanctuary.  Some examples of these structures include paver patios, walls, water features, and outdoor lighting to allow the space to be used not only during the daylight hours, but create an ambiance in the dark.  These features can create amazing spaces alone, or can be combined and produce an outdoor room that is truly breathtaking.

Paver patios are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional to one’s own aspiration.  The patio creates the floor of the outdoor room.  Today’s paving materials come in numerous styles, textures, and colors to suit anyone’s desires.  They are also available in both manufactured and natural materials to achieve different appearances.  An appropriately designed patio can allow it to be used as a suitable place for outdoor furniture for relaxation, a great place to have an outdoor dining area, and with a fireplace added to it, can create a warm, glowing destination at night.   Fireplaces come in many different shapes and sizes, from simple to exquisite, and are a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space.

Walls in the outdoor room can be created using various structures and materials.  The purpose of a wall inside the house is to create a boundary, the same goes for the outdoor room.  Formal walls include manufactured modular block and fences.  Like pavers, modular block comes in numerous colors, textures, and sizes to satisfy anyone’s wishes.  These blocks will accomplish a clean look that creates formality in the landscape.  They can be used to construct retaining walls, free-standing sitting walls, and a newer, more innovative outdoor feature, the outdoor kitchen.  The outdoor kitchen creates your own five-star restaurant with all the necessities and features one desires.  Outdoor kitchens can include grills, sinks, refrigerators, countertops, and much much more.  An alternative to the formal wall and manufactured materials is the use of natural stone.  Natural stone can be used to construct walls, steps, and accent other features in the landscape.  This can create a sense of nature in any backyard.  Other structures that can create separation in the landscape are pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions.  All create the sense of boundary, but provide a warm, inviting space into the outdoor area.

Another growing trend in the landscape is water features.  Water features can include fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. All, each unique in their own way, can create tranquility in the landscape with the sound of moving water and are a favorite among children.  Fountains and waterfalls are great for those individuals who are looking for that sense of calmness after a long day at the office, but don’t want a lot of maintenance to deal with.  Ponds, however, can add a whole other facet to the outdoor living space.  Ponds create an ecosystem in one’s own backyard which can become an oasis for local wildlife, fish, and aquatic plants. Located close to an outdoor living space, all of these can have a peaceful effect on those who enjoy the area.  Add some dense, colorful accent plantings around the area and it can turn a simple outdoor living space into one’s own escape into nature.

A great way to improve the appeal of your outdoor oasis is to install landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting can be used as an accent or can be a functional part of the design.  Landscape lighting creates the title “nighttime paradise”, to your already beautiful daytime outdoor escape.  Lighting, like most other materials, comes in many unique styles and functions.  Path lights can be used to lead the way to an area of your landscape, while spot lighting and down lights can create another aspect to the design and produce an exceptional look to your nocturnal getaway.

When you’re considering your family’s vacation this year, consider the alternative, an outdoor living space that can be used for not only your “staycation,” but for the countless seasons to come.  Come to Tussey Mountain Mulch Landscape Center to see our creative displays and vast array of different products; and you can also visit with our professional, educated staff.  Here we can help you create an outdoor paradise specifically tailored to you and your family’s desires.  You can reach us on the phone at 814-696-1920, or visit our website at to learn more.

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale


Hello, Friends! Memorial Day is fast approaching, and along with that comes our annual Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Running from Thurs. to Mon. you can experience these great deals:

                            ♦  10% off on all plants

                            ♦  $2 off per yard of mulch (CLICK HERE to see our different kinds of mulch)

HOURS: Thur. & Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-5, & Mon. 8-12

 Please stop by to see us during this time and to take advantage of these fabulous sales!


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Benefits of Mulching

By June Zimmerman

TMMLC Nursery/Sales Associate

So why go to the extra work of mulching your flowerbeds or gardens? There are several very good reasons why using mulch is beneficial.

        *  Mulch keeps weeds down and also keeps them from germinating.

        *  It also helps keep moisture in the ground which is a big plus during hot summer months.

        *  Certain kinds of mulch add nutrients to your soil.

        *  Mulching in the fall keeps roots of more sensitive plants from freezing during the winter.

So what kind of mulch do you need? Regular undyed bark mulch is great for trees, shrubs, blueberry plants, etc. Dyed hardwood mulch works just as well, plus it keeps its color longer. Bark mulch will soon fade, but the benefit of it is, that it will deteriorate more quickly than the dyed hardwood and add more nutrients to your soil.

 For vegetable gardens and flowerbeds planted with annuals, mushroom compost is a wonderful choice.  Besides keeping down weeds and keeping in moisture, it also acts as a fertilizer to your plants. Mushroom compost is also a good choice to mulch your roses with in the fall to protect them during the winter.

Watch the video below to see the process our mulch goes through before it’s available to you.

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Pics of Our Spring Fling

Hello, Friends! This past weekend marked our 2nd annual Spring Fling Open House, and, wow! what a success it was! Because you all helped make it so successful, we wanted to share a few pictures of some of the highlights with you.

Taking advantage of the free hotdogs, drinks, and cookies

 As usual, the big pond with the big fish drew a lot of attention

 Enjoying the beautiful day and ice cream with dad

 Having fun picking out plants, which were all 10% off

Relaxing on one of our poly swings while enjoying some ice cream

We look forward to working with you in the future!

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Inspirations for Mother’s Day Gifts!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure there are many of you who are still scrambling to find that perfect gift for mom. For starters watch the video below for five different options available to you at TMMLC.

What you just saw is a small window of the options available to you for this coming Sunday, so stop by this weekend and pick up the gift that will make this Mother’s Day a memorable one!

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Spring Fling Open House

Mother’s Day weekend is fast approaching, and along with that comes our annual Spring Fling Open House. On May 11-12, we will be running some fabulous sales on various products. Products that are new for 2012 will be 5% off and all of our nursery stock will be 10% off. There will also be free hot dogs and drinks all day, both days! CLICK HERE for more details.

Below are some pictures of the highlights from last year’s Spring Fling:

Enjoying the goodies

The pond was a major attraction to the children

So mark your calendars, and come out for two days filled with free food, fun, and sales! Hope to see you there!


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