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Aquascape at Chicago’s Flower & Garden Show

Check out this video from Aquascape of their spectacular booth at Chicago’s Flower and Garden Show. Wouldn’t this be awesome in your backyard?!

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Repeating March Mulch Madness Sale!!!!

Due to the cold, the snow, and the bitter wind, not many of us were much interested in mulch last weekend when we had our March Mulch Madness Sale. And so we’re giving you a second chance to take advantage of this opportunity. We are re-running our sale this Friday and Saturday, March 29 & 30. This sale gives you $5 off per yard!!! This still applies to the normal discount that you receive when buying a quantity of five or more yards. So stop by this weekend, or call and schedule for delivery. Delivery doesn’t have to be this weekend; you can get it whenever you like! CLICK HERE to visit our mulch page.

See what mulch can do for you! Take advantage of our sale to spruce up your own flowerbeds!



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Seven Things to do For Your Flowerbeds This Spring

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s party!” It is a time of vibrant life: brave new shoots penetrating the ground and then breaking into blossom; shrubs exchanging last year’s drab garb for fresh new greenery; trees pushing out new buds and putting on a show with their springtime blossoms. Spring is also the most crucial time of the year to ensure that your flowerbeds will be healthy and attractive this summer. Here are seven things you can do to get them off to a good start:

  1. Mulch!  The rewards are numerous! It’s a great weed reducer and also helps keep moisture in the soil. Mulch breaks down to provide valuable nutrients for your plants.
  2. Prevent weeds. Yes, I will devote this point to weeds, unpleasant though they are, because we all seem to have them and they need to be dealt with. Don’t let the weeds win this summer: get a step ahead of them by spreading Preen through your flowerbeds before mulching. Preen is a weed preventer that keeps seeds from germinating, but will not hurt your plants.
  3. Uncover your roses. If you tucked in your roses with a cover of mulch last fall, now is the time to help them kick off their covers and awake out of their winter’s sleep. Just remove the heap of mulch on top of them and scatter it around the base of the bush, where it can serve double duty as a fertilizer this summer. If there are any dead canes, prune them off. You want to make your cut just above a bud or branch which eliminates an excess of dead branch.
  4. Trim dead foliage. If you didn’t get around to cutting away the dead foliage of your perennials last fall, do it now. That way, when the fresh new greenery appears, it won’t be marred by the dead ugliness of last year’s foliage.
  5. Fertilize. Spring is the ideal time to fertilize your trees and shrubs. Some, such as holly and azaleas prefer an acidic soil and so a fertilizer like Holly-Tone is good for them. For others, Tree-tone is a medium rate fertilizer that most trees and shrubs appreciate. It’s also a good time to apply Bonide Tree and Shrub Drench, which provides protection against insects for a full year. This product is mixed with water and poured around the base of the tree, which is much easier and simpler than spraying.
  6.  Prune. I already mentioned pruning your roses, but winter has a way of beating up on your landscape. If you have trees or shrubs with broken branches, take a pruning shears to them. Just make sure your cut is just above a bud or branch.
  7.  Plant! For now, stick with brave little pansies. They will bear any future frost hits fearlessly and keep on blooming cheerfully. After all danger of frost is gone, plant annuals and perennials for bright color that will last all summer long. Or make a long lasting addition to your landscape by planting a tree or a shrub.

So, as you can see, there is plenty to do. And what better way to while away a spring day of warm sunshine and gentle breezes than in your garden, cutting here, planting there… Happy spring!

-June Zimmerman

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What’s Happening at Tussey Mountain Mulch…

Like always, there’s plenty happening out here at the landscape center. We gave our koi and goldfish a ‘Happy Spring’ present and did our spring pond clean outs. Here are some pictures…

Does your own pond need a spring clean out? Come to our Spring Pond Clean Out Seminar this weekend for a thorough education on the subject. CLICK HERE to see more information.

We’re pretty pleased with our brand new sign-check it out!!

And here’s a picture of our latest paver installation out here at the landscape center- a driveway entrance.

Come on out and see us soon!

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Things to do in Spring!!!

It’s time to kick off the covers, grab our shovels, and dig into our flowerbeds again! Here’s THREE THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR GARDEN NOW!

  1. Cut off any dead foliage on your perennials that didn’t get taken care of last year. This way the dead ugliness won’t mar the beauty of the fresh new greenery.
  2. Remember those roses you covered with mulch last fall? It’s time to unearth them. Dig away the mulch cover and this is also a great time to prune away any dead canes.
  3. Spread a pre-emerge such for weed control such as Preen in your flowerbeds. This won’t hurt your plants and does a great job at reducing weeds in your landscape this summer.

Have fun working in your garden! If you have any questions contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

-June Zimmerman

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March Mulch Madness Sale!!!

It’s March! And with it comes our Mulch Madness Sale!! Dress up your landscape and treat your plants with a fresh layer of mulch! CLICK HERE to see more details.

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