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Customer Appreciation Days 2013-All the Details

We’re excited about our Customer Appreciation Days this weekend! 

*SALE!!!! 10% off EVERYTHING!!!

*SALE!!!!  20% off all plants-everything green and growing!

*Small Big Green Egg Giveaway-stop by to enter!

*Free Ice Cream!!


*Campfire Night! Roast free hotdogs and marshmallows

*Pizza from our wood-fired pizza oven by Chef Eten

*Hardscape Seminar – 6 pm – click here for info and registration


*Campfire Night!! Roast Free hotdogs and marshmallows

*Pizza from our wood-fired pizza oven by Chef Eten

*Grilling on the Big Green Egg!!

*Know ‘n’ Grow Workshop – The Potter’s Garden – 6 pm click here for info and registration

*Sand Pile Treasure Hunt & Win-a-Fish Rock Toss


*Chicken Bar-B-Q and bake sale!

*Build-A-Pond Seminar – 9am-2pm click here for info and registration

*Sand Pile Treasure Hunt & Win-a-Fish Rock Toss

Watch the video below to hear all about it and click here to view our events page.

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2012 Customer Appreciation Days Reminiscence

Our Customer Appreciation Days are coming up-this weekend, Thursday-Saturday, June 27-29!! We are looking forward to it and hope you are too! Bring out your family for some food and fun! Here are some pictures of last year’s fun…

Enjoying the free ice cream.

Feeding the fish.

Bar-B-Q Chicken!

Win-A-Fish Rock Toss

Claiming their prize.

Taking advantage of the 20% off sale on flowers.

Chef Eten making his popular pizza in the wood-fired pizza oven.

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Customer Appreciation Days Coming Up!!!

June 27-29 will be our annual Customer Appreciation Days!


*Chicken BBQ

*Free Ice Cream

*Small Big Green Egg Give-away

*Pizza Oven Evenings


    ~Hardscape Seminar ~ Thursday, June 27 ~ 6 pm  click here to register

    ~Know ‘n’ Grow~The Potter’s Garden~Fri, June 28~6 pm  click here to register

    ~Build-a-Pond Seminar ~ Saturday, June 29 ~ 10 am  click here to register

Make sure you stop by to join in the fun!!

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Create-A-Pond Virtual Catalog

Click here to view our Create-A-Pond Series

A backyard pond is a wonderful addition to any landscape and home. It will bring a whole new dimension to your landscape by adding the tranquility of water and the beauty of other pond life.! You and your family will spend countless hours around your water feature. Both children and adults will marvel over the beautiful blooms of your aquatic plant life and the fluid motion of your fish throughout the pond. Whether your pond is beside your patio or deck, next to the front walk way, or your outdoor living area totally surrounds it, an established Ecosystem pond will not only add the finishing touches to the area but also make it a breath-taking environment! With the Create-a-Pond Series you will be sure to find a pond that will not only be a fit for you, but also your budget. Make the splash today!

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Five Things to do in Your Garden this Summer

Hello from Tussey Mountain Mulch’s plant gallery! After a cool, drippy spring we’re welcoming summer with open arms! Spending time outside in your gardens is a wonderful way to enjoy summer to the fullest. Just because you’ve done all your planting doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to do. Here are five things you can do now for your garden during June and July.

1. Is your rhododendron taking over more than its allotted space? Now is the time to cut it back. Just after blooming, rhododendrons begin to form their blossoms for next year, so prune them now to keep from cutting off all of next year’s flowers. You can cut a rhododendron bush back to about one-third of its original size. Mulch the bush and water it about once a week after you prune to help it produce new growth. Fertilizing will help too.

2. It’s not too late to mulch! Dress up your gardens or flowerbeds with some fresh mulch; it’ll look nice plus there are numerous benefits. Your annuals and perennials will love mushroom soil which breaks down and supplies valuable nutrients, and also reduces weeds. It helps keep roots cool and conserve moisture as well.

3. Fertilize! Treat your hanging baskets and annuals with a dose of Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster and regular watering and they will repay you with bright blossoms all summer. You can keep your roses blooming all summer too-all they ask is adequate water and occasional feeding. All-In-One Rose and Flower Care is one of their favorites.

4. Blossom end rot appears as a round, brown shrunken area on the end of the tomato fruit, opposite the stem. As fruit ripens, the area turns dry and leathery. This disorder often appears after a period of heavy rain. Has this ever happened to you? There’s a great new product out called Tomato Maker that can prevent this problem and doubles as a fertilizer to provide the nutrients necessary to grow prize winning tomatoes.

5. And last but not least: if your heart’s desire is blue hydrangeas and all yours have ever done is produce pastel shades of pink, there is a solution. Fertilize your hydrangea with Aluminum Sulfate, which lowers the PH level of your soil, which in turn causes them to bloom blue.

Have a happy summer idling away the hours in your gardens… And if you have any questions, remember, you can give me a call at 814-696-1920.

-June Zimmerman

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Father’s Day Sale

Mother’s Day has come and gone, and now it’s Dad’s turn to take the place of honor. Once again, we run into the problem of knowing what to give this special person in our lives. Here at Tussey Mountain Mulch we’ve made it easy for you-we have sales on our trees and shrubs and also fire rings and the Big Green Egg!

15% Off Trees and Shrubs


10% Off Fire Rings and the Big Green Egg

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