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Big Green Egg Winner!

And the winners of the Big Green Egg Giveaway that we had during Customer Appreciations Days are……. Bert & Mary Altmanshofer! Congratulations! We hope you’ll enjoy grilling on this outdoor cooker!

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Create a Perfect Paradise – with a Pond

Home Improvement
Benefits-Outdoor-Living-1Enhanced landscaping improves property value, and water features make your property stand out from the rest.  A Pondless® Waterfall in the front yard provides curb appeal, while a backyard Ecosystem Pond increases a home’s value much like a deck, patio, or gazebo.  The sound of a water feature will drown out noise from traffic or neighbors. In addition, water features provide an interesting backdrop for entertaining while adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape.  Waterfront property is a prized commodity and you can easily incorporate water into your outdoor living space without having to move near a lake or ocean.

“Nearly 20% of buyers say they consider landscaping to be a ‘very important’ factor in their decision to buy a house, according to a new study by the National Association of Realtors.”

Wall Street Journal.  Selling Houses by the Yard.  August 17, 2007.

“Property adjacent to water – whether a pond, lake, stream, river, or ocean – is often more expensive.”

Kaplan, Kaplan, and Ryan. 

Quality Family Time
Benefits-Outdoor-Living-2Backyard ponds create a gathering spot for family and friends.  Young children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents enjoy relaxing by the pond’s edge, and water features act like a magnet pulling the family together.  Enjoy family meals outside near the pond and spend the evening unwinding with your loved ones.  Educate young children on the wonders of nature with an ecosystem pond.  All ages love watching the fish glide underneath lily pads, and enjoy the surprise afforded by a frog poking its head above the surface of the water.

Health and Wellness
Water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world.  Lower your blood pressure and improve your physical and mental health as you prop your feet up and enjoy the therapeutic effects of Mother Nature.

“… Hospital patients who have a view of natural landscapes recover faster from surgery and require less pain medication.  In addition, heart rate, blood pressure, and other measures return to normal levels more quickly when people view natural rather than urban landscapes after a stressful experience.” 

The Sustainable Sites Initiative. Standards & Guidelines: Preliminary Report.  November 1, 2007.

Environmental Conservation
Benefits-Outdoor-Living-3Environmental sustainability has taken center stage in today’s world, and water plays an important role as the world’s greatest resource.  An ecosystem pond is self-sustaining with very little maintenance.  Although it takes many gallons of water to fill initially, over the long haul it requires less water than the expanse of lawn it replaced.  Water features attract wildlife of all kinds, from birds to butterflies, to frogs and salamanders.  Certified wildlife habitats are growing in popularity, and water is one of the elements required to achieve certification.  Water gardening becomes your new hobby as you feel yourself drawn to its beauty and natural elements.  A pond provides opportunity to have fish as pets, without the mess and maintenance of an aquarium.  Aquatic plants give you the chance to broaden your gardening horizons with choices that go beyond the standard petunia and rose.  In addition, bird lovers will delight in the new variety of feathered friends that flock to a water feature.  Nature lovers simply can’t go wrong with water features.

“Landscaping can change the microclimate around a building by 20 – 25 degrees F. According to the US Department of Energy, energy-efficient landscaping can save up to 30% on home heating bills. Savings for cooling can be even more. Tests in Florida showed a 50% reduction in air conditioning costs. Most people can save at least a few hundred dollars a year by properly reworking their yard … Water also tempers heat.  Even a small pond can help.”

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Customer Testimonial

My husband and I have always done our own Landscaping Projects, including a 12 x 16 pond, of which we bought everything from Tussey Mountain Mulch. When we decided we wanted a pavilion, to build onto our existing stamped concrete patio with pavers, and replace our existing landscape timbers retaining wall, we thought maybe that was a little too much for us to do with our busy schedules. So we talked to Bryant at Tussey Mountain Mulch and Dave at Tussey Landscaping and we came up with a plan and had it all done in a matter of a few days after everything that was ordered arrived! They even installed a beautiful Hummingbird PaverArt kit. We couldn’t have been more happier with the professionalism. Their staff was very friendly and courteous. We spend a lot of time under our new beautiful pavilion, even at night with the help of the lights. After everything was completed, we applied gravel lock to our walkways and around our pond. It turned out great! What a wonderful product. I no longer have to worry about my elderly mother slipping on loose rocks. We have always enjoyed going to Tussey Mountain Mulch since they opened. The staff is always knowledgeable and so kind to explain everything. We look forward to many more years of visiting our friends there.

With Our Sincere Gratitude,

Michael and Amy Kurtz


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Create a Perfect Paradise – with a Pergola or Pavilion

Our pergolas and pavilions are crafted by Country Lane Gazebos. Read what they have to say about their quality product.



The Artistry Design of a Pergola Never Goes Out of Style!

Pergola designs have been a place of honor in the gardens of the most stately homes since the Renaissance era.

At Country Lane Gazebos we understand that a wood pergola or vinyl pergola isn’t simply a piece of elegant outdoor decor that enhances your landscape. It’s an investment in enjoying more of what life has to offer.

Whether you choose a stunning Hearthside pergola, a grand Artisan pergola or decide to custom design an outdoor pergola of your own, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match for your landscaping and your life.

Here are some great ways to begin enjoying your new outdoor pergola. We invite you to add your creativity to the mix and enjoy a backyard environment that is uniquely you!

Outdoor Dining at Its Finest

Leave the passport and Euros at home, you can transform your backyard into a charming Italian trattoria with a patio pergola. Create a warm sophisticated look instantly. Whether you’re enjoying an intimate dinner for two or having friends over for a sumptuous feast, your backyard will take on an air of romance your guests won’t soon forget!

Get the Family Together

Create an extention of your home outdoors that your family will enjoy and your friends will love. With a new patio pergola or garden pergola, your next family game night or cook out might draw a crowd!

Gardener’s Dream

Enjoy the elegance of a fine English garden and dress your garden pergola with clematis, climbing roses or wisteria. Create a stunning focal point with your garden pergola that will have the neighbors longing for a green thumb.

Pool Side Paradise

Enjoy the shade and lounge under an airy pergola by your pool.

Private Oasis of Pleasure

Relax under the privacy of your very own patio pergola. Our handcrafted garden pergolas allow you to leave the daily stress of home or office at the back door and escape into your own personal oasis. Read a book or unwind with a cool drink while you wrap yourself in warm serenity.

Where is Your Dream Getaway?

Do you long to relax in a secluded spot accented by a warm fire, soft furnishings, and gentle breezes? Our handcrafted garden pergola designs will bring your dream to your backyard!


At Country Lane Gazebos we understand that a pavilion is more than simply an elegant outdoor feature that enhances your landscape. It’s an investment in your home and in your family’s time together.

Why Invest in a Pavilion?

Even if you have trouble spelling the word pavilion (many people think it’s spelled with two L’s as in pavillion or pavillions), you’ve probably enjoyed a special moment or two in an outdoor pavilion at one time or another. And you might be wondering just how you’ll use your new pavilion when it arrives.

Here are some great ways our customers use their outdoor pavilions. We hope you’ll find some great ideas and even create a few of your own!

Bring Romance to Your Backyard

There’s nothing quite like a dinner for two on a balmy summer night in your brand new backyard pavilion. And don’t worry if it starts to rain. The roof of your outdoor pavilion will provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy the sounds of a gentle summer rain.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors More

Sometimes the outdoors is too sunny in the afternoon to sit out. Or a sudden rain storm can spoil your outdoor plans. But your outdoor pavilion will help you enjoy the outdoors more by providing valuable shade and protection from the sun.

Carve Out a Relaxing Spot for Focus and Reflection

Have you ever wished you had an inviting oasis where you could relax, reflect or just enjoy a good book in privacy? Your backyard pavilion will provide countless hours of personal privacy right on your own property!

Family Togetherness Starts Here

Whether you’re planning family game night or a long awaited family reunion, our pavilions provide the perfect centerpiece to enjoy the bonds of family in style. 

Whether you are looking for a place for entertaining, a backyard theater, a kitchen or just a special place to get away from it all, our line of pavilions offer a variety of styles and features to fit your lifestyle! 

Click here to view our pergolas and pavilions page.

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Create a Perfect Paradise – with a Fire Pit

The following article is shared from EP Henry’s blog:

Among the most common requests we get at EP Henry is for some kind of fire feature for the yard. Everyone loves how huddling around a fire can extend your outdoor time into the chilly fall or early spring nights. We discussed EP Henry’s fire pit kits in a recent blog, which can be put together by a handy homeowner or a contractor. We also work with customers who want to go even more extravagant, and install a full-fledged outdoor fireplace.  While it may sound like the ultimate in luxury, there are solutions to make an outdoor fireplace more affordable.

So which is right for you – a fire pit or a fireplace?

fitrpit bench225  fireplace2 560

There are several things to consider before you get started. Your design will depend upon your goals: do you want a cozy place to gather with small groups or a setting that accommodates a larger party? Do you want the fire to be the center of attention in your outdoor space? What will you use your fireplace or fire pit for? If you are hoping to do some cooking, there are ways to build a fireplace so it can also serve as a barbecue or pizza oven, but these designs are usually complex and significantly more expensive.

Another decision is whether you want to use wood or gas to fuel your fires.  A fire pit or wood-burning hearth offers the sights, sounds, and smells of a natural fire, but also produces smoke, so a chimney is required.  Obviously, you also need to supply the wood.  In addition, a wood-burning unit will likely require a permit from your local government, which will dictate setback restrictions and other design considerations, and necessitate an inspection once the construction is complete. With a gas fireplace, there is less maintenance, but you do need to arrange for the hearth to be safely connected to an existing gas line. Gas fireplaces do not normally need a construction permit.

If you decide to go with a full-fledged fireplace, one way save some money is to construct it out of concrete block, then cover it with a veneer for a natural look.  EP Henry’s Cast Veneer Stone looks so natural that many people can’t tell the difference from the real thing, and it comes in a variety of natural stones, from Pennsylvania Field Stone and River Rock to Split Rock and Cut Stone. We’ve also developed beautiful brick colors and textures for a more traditional feeling.

Our selection of firepits consists of varied shapes and sizes, designed to be the perfect addition and easy installation in your back yard. Click here to see some of the options on our website, or give us a call at 814-696-1920 and we will be happy to help you. 

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Create a Perfect Paradise-with Poly Furniture

Is your patio ready for Summer?  Does it look a little bare or is your furniture in need of an upgrade?  Now is the time to buy our quality poly furniture!  Read below to find out just why poly furniture is so popular.

Click here to visit our poly furniture page

Why Poly Furniture?

 We’re well into the month of June and I’m sure you have already started getting your outside entertainment areas cleaned up and ready to use again. Maybe some of you already had some outdoor barbeques or picnics! My family loves the outdoors and we have used our fire pit and picnic area a couple of times already this year.

Part of preparing your outside entertainment area for the summer is getting all your outdoor furniture pulled out of storage, cleaned up, and maybe even apply a new coat of paint or stain (much to your chagrin). For most of us, getting everything put away and stored for winter, and then getting it out again and cleaning it up in the spring, is a job that we don’t desire.  For some of us, we look at our outdoor furniture, and let out a despairing sigh, because the furniture that was nicely stained, not long ago, is now faded, ugly, and beginning to warp.

That is why I recommend choosing “poly furniture” for all your outdoor furniture needs. Poly furniture is nonporous, so it is unaffected by the sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, saltwater, chlorine and mildew. That means that it can be left out all year long! No more filling up your shed or garage every winter, then having to dig it out every spring. You just simply need to keep it clean by washing it with soap and water, and you can enjoy your furniture for years and years to come!

The birth of poly lumber came from a desire for a product that is 100% maintenance free and will last for a lifetime. It is an innovative idea of taking old plastic bottles and recycling them into recycled plastic lumber, which is becoming increasingly popular with today’s society of becoming a more eco-friendly world. So the old saying stands true, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Our poly furniture is an earth friendly, fully recycled product.

When considering poly furniture, many people are concerned about whether or not it will fade with time. I usually tell people that even a Cadillac may fade with time. However, the coloring is molded all the way through every piece and it never needs painted or sealing. Everyone that has poly furniture will tell you how much they love it and that it doesn’t fade.

Some more benefits to using poly furniture besides the no maintenance factor and no fading, are the lower cost per year (NO re-staining or painting), no splitting or splintering, it’s always smooth to the touch and there are many colors to match your real estate.

Stop by our landscape center and check out the different poly furniture items we have sprinkled throughout our displays. We can special order any item. There are many colors and styles to choose from. We would love to see you here!

-Jason Sensenig (sales associate)

One of the best things about poly furniture is the fact that it is recycled and earth friendly. Watch this video to see how  it is manufactured. 


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