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Winter Fish News

During recent record cold temperatures if for some reason your pond completely freezes over and you are tempted to break the ice, don’t do it! Physically breaking the ice causes reverberations within the pond stressing pond fish. If you need to reopen a small hole in the pond, use a thick bottomed pot filled with boiling hot water. Placing it on the pond will gently melt the ice below reopening a degassing hole. The hole doesn’t need to be large. About 12 inches in diameter is usually sufficient. If you notice the fish braving the colder waters to swim near the hole, this means not enough oxygen is in the lower levels. The hole needs to be bigger. We recommend the use of an aerator and / or pond heater to prevent the pond from completely freezing over. If you have any questions about your pond/pond fish please feel free to call us at 814-696-1920 or drop in for some free coffee! We are here to help!

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Ecoblaze Wood Pellets Testimonials


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Prevent Winter Fish Loss

Aquascape Pond DeIcerThe Aquascape Pond De-Icer prevents winter fish loss by keeping a hole open in the ice during the cold winter months.  The Pond De-Icer helps ensure there is sufficient oxygen levels and proper gas exchange in the pond helping to prevent fish loss…even during extreme weather conditions.

The Aquascape Pond De-Icer is energy efficient, requiring only 300-watts of electricity.  The low energy consumption of the Aquascape Pond De-Icer results in a heater that costs 5x less to operate than traditional Pond De-Icers you would find in the market.

The Pond De-Icers stainless steel construction is extremely durable and prevents corrosion, cracking or issues caused by extreme weather.  A built-in LED light at the top of the De-Icer allows you to look out the window of your warm home and see that the De-Icer is still operating.

Taking the time to properly prepare your water feature for winter will make sure the fish survive their winter slumber.

Watch this video and see how to properly install the 300 Watt Pond De-Icer.

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