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“Top 5″ Christmas Gift Ideas (@ TMMLC!)

Are you wishing for some perfect Gift Ideas for your family or friend? We did a survey among the staff here at Tussey Mtn. Mulch Landscape Center and compiled a list of what we think are the “Top 5″ best ideas for a Christmas gift (for him or for her). Is your friend a gardener? Does your hubby like to collect reliable tools? Check out the following ideas! And it doesn’t end with these… stop by to shop. We are open!

TMMLC Gift Card Gift Idea

You may consider a Gift Card to be impersonal. But it is extremely flexible! If you aren’t exactly sure what your gardening friend needs or what he/she already has in their collection, choose a Gift Card! It never expires… and your friend will be able to shop for that perfect item at the perfect time.

BGE Gift Idea

Did your dad (or that special somebody) start a Big Green Egg collection? Maybe he hasn’t yet? We have Big Green Eggs and accessories in stock, including turkey/chicken roasters, flexi/slider baskets, wooden/aluminum pizza peels, corn cob holders, pizza cutters… and the list goes on. Learn more about Big Green Egg here >>>Big Green Egg. And if we don’t have what you want? Call in soon enough and we will have it by Christmas!

Wind Chimes Gift Idea

Bring the sound of spring to your front door in time for Christmas! “Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes are musically designed to produce soft, rich tones that blend together in beautiful harmony.” We have black, blue, and green in limited stock. SPECIAL: 25% OFF any Corinthian Bell wind chime (in stock items only)

Poly Furniture Gift Idea

Do you know what lasts “forever”, doesn’t splinter or fade or warp or need replaced? Poly furniture! This product is excellent for patio and outdoor living. With many colors and styles, you are sure to match your unique environment. And it sits so comfortably. Stop by and see for yourself! SPECIAL: 15% OFF (any in stock items)

OX Tool Gift Idea

Want a really reliable tool to use? OX offers tools for layout and measuring, wood-working, brick-laying, concreting and plastering, striking, cutting, demolition, and storage! OX Tools offer a full, no hassle guarantee on their tools. SPECIAL: Buy more than $50 in tools; Get a FREE OX tool bill cap! 

Other Gift Ideas to consider… 1. Bubbling Boulder 2. Mulch and/or Decorative Gravel 3. Fire Pit, and 4. Bird Seed

In this season of giving, truly give from your heart. And never forget that all we have has been given to us. In giving, honor God and bless others! Have a blessed Christmas!

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Backyard BBQ Weekend Sale

Don’t miss out on these great sales this weekend. Friday and Saturday Only!BBQ Weekend Sale Sheet

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Big Green Eggfest


Big Green Eggfest!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Perfect opportunity coming up to sample some Big Green Egg cooking! Check out our website for details.

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Weekly Special-Week of May 19

~Weekly Special~

May 19-24

10% off all Big Green Egg Accessories


Don’t miss our Big Green Egg Fest this weekend! Been wondering what food tastes like grilled on the Big Green Egg? This will be your chance to find out! Read more>>>

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Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a complete outdoor cooking system, based on a simple yet effective blend of ancient traditions, modern technology and proprietary processes. Derived from the komodo ovens of Asia, it has been developed into an efficient, easy to use American grill. But it’s also more than a grill; it serves the purpose of an oven or smoker just as well.
The Big Green Egg is constructed out of highest quality products, the shell is made of ceramic and is covered with a lifetime warranty glaze. One of it’s notable features it the patented air flow control which allows you to maintain temperatures accurately, to within a few degrees.
The kamodo oven design of the Big Green Egg keeps moisture in your meats or whatever else you’re grilling, instead of allowing it all to escape and your steak to dry out as happens with most common gas and charcoal grills. You can add a Plate Setter to your Egg that transforms it from a direct heat frill to a convection oven.
With a Big Green Egg, outdoor cooking is taken to a whole new level-perfectly prepare anything from a steakhouse-style grilled steak to a tender brisket, turkey or pork tenderloin. Vegetables, stews, casseroles, even pies and desserts are superb. Pizza on an Egg is in a class of its own!
This summer we will be having several “Big Green Egg Fests” which will provide an opportunity for you to see these awesome grills in action. We also have the Eggs in stock and a large selection of accessories so come out and see them today!
CLICK HERE to visit Big Green Egg’s website.
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