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Customer Testimonial


I just wanted to drop you a note on how professional you and your staff were with our purchase.  From Dave, who sold us rock, all the way to Andrew and Randall who did the installation I was very impressed with your company.  Thank you for taking the time to confirm times with me by email and by phone and by being there when you said you would.  All these things that are just common courtesies that are very easy to do, do not happen with a lot of businesses.  I like the fact that you and your staff took the time to do the little things that a lot of other businesses do not do any more.  People say how much better things are today, but I like the old school approach that you and your company displayed throughout all of my dealings with you and your company.  You should be very proud of your work and dealings with your customers.  I was very impressed!  Thank you for all your time and effort in making our experience with your company a positive one.
Nick Lovrich
                                          Before                                                                After

           IMG950888  IMG950889

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Bubbling Boulder Contest Winner

Announcing the winner to our Bubbling Boulder Contest: Mr. Robert McGee from Bellwood, PA!
His Bubbling Boulders were chosen for the following reasons: natural looking arrangement of boulders, beautiful plants set it off and soften it, perfect setting, and good water flower… and he installed it himself! Congratulations, Mr. McGee!
Click here for more information on our Bubbling Boulder Collection.
And you will have your own unique water feature:
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Create a Big Splash with a Water Feature!

Who of us doesn’t like to sit out beside a water feature on a gorgeous summer evening and listen to the relaxing, rhythmic sound of water bubbling over rocks and splashing into the pond below? Maybe you think that you don’t have the money or the space for something like this. With our Create-a-Pond Series you have a variety of options to choose from. From our Bubbling Boulder collection to full scale Ponds to Pondless Waterfalls, we can come up with a water feature to fit your needs. If nothing strikes your fancy when you look at our collection, take heart! We are able to do custom order ones as well. To see our full line of the Create-a-Pond Series, CLICK HERE. We look forward to helping you plan a water feature that will create a big splash for your enjoyment!



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Bubbling Boulder Testimonial

We just wanted to say ” Thank You” to everyone at Tussey Mtn Mulch for our Bubbling Boulder.  Dave and I enjoy it so much and love how the birds have taken to it. We have so much pleasure in watching them bath. After a long day, it is so relaxing to sit and listen to it and watch the birds. Thanks for all the GREAT ideas!!!
Dave and Terrie Wytosick, Portage PA.

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Get Inspired with our Bubbling Boulder Collection

Do you love the idea of having a water feature in your backyard but feel that you have no room for such a piece?  Consider our totally customizable Bubbling Boulder Collection here at Tussey Mtn Mulch! Check out this video and feel free to contract us here at 814-696-1920 to learn more.

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Pictures Of Our Landscape Project!

By: Jason Sensenig

Sales Associate

I just thought I’d show you all some pictures of a little landscape project we have going on at our place. We had this useless area of grass that went between our house and garage. It was always a pain to mow between there, so we figured, “Why not turn it into a usable area?” We have the project started. Last week we put in some bubbling rocks, now this week, we want to fill in the rest of the area with some natural flagstone, along with some flower beds in the one corner.

The bubbling rocks is a collage of 4 different rocks grouped together to form a little pool in the middle. Three of the rocks are drilled with water bubbling out of them, and splashing into the pool, making a beautiful, soothing sound.

We are anxious to get the project done. My children, Landon (4) and Aubrie (3), are already enjoying the rocks! Right after we had it installed, they were out splashing in it!

One hot afternoon, Landon was staying cool by sitting by the bubbling rocks with his feet sticking in the water!

Thanks for checking out our blog. I’ll keep you posted on how the project is coming along with more pictures and updates in the near future! …and remember, “Tussey Mtn has your fountain!”

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