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EcoBlaze Wood Pellet Reviews

Nice folks. Always helpful. All around great service. With this cold weather, we needed an additional ton of wood pellets. We called in the morning and they delivered that same afternoon. Plus the EcoBlaze wood pellets are excellent. Thank you to all the people at Tussey Mountain Mulch. -Byron Shafer-Stroud

Just received a ton of pellets from here and they burn perfect!!! Will be buying many more from you again!!!! -Brite Spot Pizza

Just started using the EcoBlaze pellets and they are the best pellets for my stove. They throw amazing heat and very little ash. I just wish I had discovered them sooner! -Dave Chesney

They are the best… And they don’t burn up fast… Nice clean blaze!! -Dione Metzger 

I look forward to winter because of my Pellet stove, these are excellent pellets. Very low ash, and burn for a long time! -Patti Gottshall

We use these pellets, they are great! -Jen Burket

Wouldn’t get them anywhere else, they burn great. Low ash and a good price! -David Gates

 Upon using our pellet stove for the first time, we re-realized what love is!!! BEST all around way to give your house that nice cozy warmth enjoyed by, well, everyone!! Tussey Mtn Mulch Landscape Center is your go-to, one stop shop for essentials (and non essentials;-)) for every season of the year….  -Jason & Tasha Hess

Best pellets in the area! Pellets burn longer with less ash. Very efficient! Delivery is also a plus!! -Mary Ann Brown

BEST PELLETS EVER!!!!! -Raul Mendez Jr.

Bought a skid recently when I switched to these (btw thanks Tussey) and I love  them ! I went from cleaning the stove every couple days to once a week with these, keep my glass cleaner, longer, and I swear they make my stove produce more heat.  -Robyn Messner

Learn more about our wood pellets here!

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Customer Testimonial


I just wanted to drop you a note on how professional you and your staff were with our purchase.  From Dave, who sold us rock, all the way to Andrew and Randall who did the installation I was very impressed with your company.  Thank you for taking the time to confirm times with me by email and by phone and by being there when you said you would.  All these things that are just common courtesies that are very easy to do, do not happen with a lot of businesses.  I like the fact that you and your staff took the time to do the little things that a lot of other businesses do not do any more.  People say how much better things are today, but I like the old school approach that you and your company displayed throughout all of my dealings with you and your company.  You should be very proud of your work and dealings with your customers.  I was very impressed!  Thank you for all your time and effort in making our experience with your company a positive one.
Nick Lovrich
                                          Before                                                                After

           IMG950888  IMG950889

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Customer Testimonial

My husband and I have always done our own Landscaping Projects, including a 12 x 16 pond, of which we bought everything from Tussey Mountain Mulch. When we decided we wanted a pavilion, to build onto our existing stamped concrete patio with pavers, and replace our existing landscape timbers retaining wall, we thought maybe that was a little too much for us to do with our busy schedules. So we talked to Bryant at Tussey Mountain Mulch and Dave at Tussey Landscaping and we came up with a plan and had it all done in a matter of a few days after everything that was ordered arrived! They even installed a beautiful Hummingbird PaverArt kit. We couldn’t have been more happier with the professionalism. Their staff was very friendly and courteous. We spend a lot of time under our new beautiful pavilion, even at night with the help of the lights. After everything was completed, we applied gravel lock to our walkways and around our pond. It turned out great! What a wonderful product. I no longer have to worry about my elderly mother slipping on loose rocks. We have always enjoyed going to Tussey Mountain Mulch since they opened. The staff is always knowledgeable and so kind to explain everything. We look forward to many more years of visiting our friends there.

With Our Sincere Gratitude,

Michael and Amy Kurtz


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Go Green With Poly Furniture!

In this day and age, we hear a lot about going green. One way to do this is by using poly furniture in your outdoor living spaces. Our poly furniture is an earth friendly, fully recycled product. Some more benefits to using poly furniture is the no maintenance factor, it stays beautiful for years, lower costs per year, no splitting or splintering, always smooth to the touch, plus there are many colors to match your real estate. Watch the video below to hear one satisfied customer’s testimonial about poly furniture.

We have many different styles available to meet your needs, so stop in sometime to check it out for yourself!



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The Amazing IonGen

Hey, Pond Lovers, have you heard about the amazing IonGen G2 that Aquascape came out with? This IonGen allows you to have crystal clear pond water all summer long without the use of any chemicals! This fabulous product is easy to install as well as easy to use. Below is a testimonial of a customer who has had great success with their IonGen:

I would like to take a second to say what a great product the Aquascape IonGen is. We have a 12×18 pond with a waterfall and six beautiful koi. This is our fourth year enjoying our pond, and a big part of that enjoyment this season is the great job the IonGen has done for us. Every season we have struggled and paid a small fortune in chemicals to fight string algae and cloudy water. However, this season has been hassle free because of the addition of the IonGen. All we did was just clean our filters at the beginning of the season, added the IonGen and we were off running with clear water for the season. AMAZING….Thank you Tussey Mtn. Mulch for recommending this great product.

John Scheponik.  Altoona, PA

CLICK HERE to read more about this amazing product called the IonGen!

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Bubbling Boulder Testimonial

We just wanted to say ” Thank You” to everyone at Tussey Mtn Mulch for our Bubbling Boulder.  Dave and I enjoy it so much and love how the birds have taken to it. We have so much pleasure in watching them bath. After a long day, it is so relaxing to sit and listen to it and watch the birds. Thanks for all the GREAT ideas!!!
Dave and Terrie Wytosick, Portage PA.

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