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What is Gravel-Lok? It is a liquid glue that is designed to bond together aggregates from the size of 1/4″ to 3″. One of it’s greatest advantages is the fact that it is completely porous, as well as being very durable. Clean, washed, dry aggregates treated with Gravel-Lok can have a strength equal to that of asphalt. The type of stone used and base will contribute to the overall strength of the finished products.

Gravel-Lok is available in two colors, Amber and Clear. One gallon of Gravel-Lok covers about fifteen square feet of gravel. It is also very versatile, easily accommodating irregular edges. What can it be used for? Patios, walkways, driveways, flowerbeds, aquascapes… it can be used pretty much anywhere.

There are two basic methods of installation. First of all a base needs to be established. A six inch base of compacted limestone works fine. You want about 3 inches of decorative gravel on top of your base, washed and allowed to dry. The cleaner the stones are, the stronger the bond will be. The first method of applying the Gravel-Lok is pouring. It can be applied either by using a watering can or, for larger projects, a gravity wand. The second option of application is to mix the Gravel-Lok with the gravel, then pour it into the prepared area and spread and level it.

To visit Gravel-Lok’s website, CLICK HERE.

Watch this video to see a Gravel-Lok installation project.

Some pictures of Gravel-Lok landscaping…


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