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“Top 5″ Christmas Gift Ideas (@ TMMLC!)

Are you wishing for some perfect Gift Ideas for your family or friend? We did a survey among the staff here at Tussey Mtn. Mulch Landscape Center and compiled a list of what we think are the “Top 5″ best ideas for a Christmas gift (for him or for her). Is your friend a gardener? Does your hubby like to collect reliable tools? Check out the following ideas! And it doesn’t end with these… stop by to shop. We are open!

TMMLC Gift Card Gift Idea

You may consider a Gift Card to be impersonal. But it is extremely flexible! If you aren’t exactly sure what your gardening friend needs or what he/she already has in their collection, choose a Gift Card! It never expires… and your friend will be able to shop for that perfect item at the perfect time.

BGE Gift Idea

Did your dad (or that special somebody) start a Big Green Egg collection? Maybe he hasn’t yet? We have Big Green Eggs and accessories in stock, including turkey/chicken roasters, flexi/slider baskets, wooden/aluminum pizza peels, corn cob holders, pizza cutters… and the list goes on. Learn more about Big Green Egg here >>>Big Green Egg. And if we don’t have what you want? Call in soon enough and we will have it by Christmas!

Wind Chimes Gift Idea

Bring the sound of spring to your front door in time for Christmas! “Corinthian Bell Wind Chimes are musically designed to produce soft, rich tones that blend together in beautiful harmony.” We have black, blue, and green in limited stock. SPECIAL: 25% OFF any Corinthian Bell wind chime (in stock items only)

Poly Furniture Gift Idea

Do you know what lasts “forever”, doesn’t splinter or fade or warp or need replaced? Poly furniture! This product is excellent for patio and outdoor living. With many colors and styles, you are sure to match your unique environment. And it sits so comfortably. Stop by and see for yourself! SPECIAL: 15% OFF (any in stock items)

OX Tool Gift Idea

Want a really reliable tool to use? OX offers tools for layout and measuring, wood-working, brick-laying, concreting and plastering, striking, cutting, demolition, and storage! OX Tools offer a full, no hassle guarantee on their tools. SPECIAL: Buy more than $50 in tools; Get a FREE OX tool bill cap! 

Other Gift Ideas to consider… 1. Bubbling Boulder 2. Mulch and/or Decorative Gravel 3. Fire Pit, and 4. Bird Seed

In this season of giving, truly give from your heart. And never forget that all we have has been given to us. In giving, honor God and bless others! Have a blessed Christmas!

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The Advantages of Buying from a Landscape Center


 by Jason Sensenig (Sales Associate, Landscape Center Manager)

When it comes to picking out product for your hardscape project, you of course want to shop around to see what all product is “out there.” A wise person will do his research before making a larger investment like that.

Today, most people do research online. This can be very helpful! I also do a lot of research online before I make a purchase…especially a purchase of any size. When a consumer searches “pavers” or “wall block” online, there are several large stores that come to the top of the search engine. I will not mention the names of these stores, but they are a great place to go if you are looking for lumber, building materials, plumbing supplies, etc. But when it comes to hardscape products, there are some disadvantages to going to that type of store. Below are 5 advantages of buying hardscape products at a landscape center, such as Tussey Mountain Mulch Landscape Center, over, well… stores that sell landscape products that aren’t landscape centers!

  1. Product availability: We keep a large inventory of pavers, retaining wall, edging, steppers, and much more! All these products come in different colors and styles. Those other stores may not have the options, or quantity.
  2. Customer service: At Tussey Mountain Mulch Landscape Center, you are more than just “another customer.” We love seeing repeat customers, learning to know you, and simply being a friend to you.
  3. Knowledge / education: Our staff is educated in the landscape industry. Our employees attend events / seminars that are geared specifically to the landscape industry. We are not only educated in the product we carry, but can also educate you in the installation process. We even offer FREE Hardscape Seminars for you! (you can see a schedule of seminars on our website:
  4. Consistency: If only I got $10 for every customer that comes through our doors, carrying a paver or wall block from “one of those stores”, looking to match it, I would be rich! While every hardscape company has the potential to discontinue product that doesn’t move, the chances of that happening are a lot less if you buy from a quality company like EP Henry or Techo-Bloc. Most of the products that we sell have been on the market for years. Oh…and if you are looking to match something that you got elsewhere, we probably will not be able to match it exactly, but we might have something close… somewhat.
  5. Quality: Not much to say about this point. Simply said, there is no comparison between the quality of product.

So before you make the decision to make that hardscape purchase, think twice. Cheaper isn’t always better. Give us the opportunity to help you make wise a decision. A decision that you won’t regret in a few years.



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The Benefits of Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete

The Benefits of Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete

-originally posted by EpHenry

So you’ve decided to create an outdoor living space! After deciding the size of your new patio, you’ll need to select the type of material to use.

The good news is, you’re not limited to the poured concrete patios of yesteryear that stain and crack after just a few short years.  One rough season can destroy it. Although concrete waspopular for many years because of its cost, decorative pavers have bridged the gap between pouring a concrete slab (on the low end) or installing natural stone (on the high end).

While poured concrete can be the cheapest patio option, it really offers very little to beautify an outdoor living space, and return on investment is low. So much so, that there are literally hundreds of sites on how to stain, paint, stamp and cover up a concrete patio.

Stamped Concrete

In recent years, stamped concrete has wiggled in and become an option. At first glance, stamped concrete seems like a decorative low-cost answer. A concrete base is poured to size, and then before it cures, large stamps that resemble natural stone are placed over on top of the concrete and tampered down to stamp patterns into the wet concrete.

What homeowners need to realize is that concrete, stamped or not, inherently cracks. We’ve all seen the different colored concrete repairs and patches on driveways. It happens over time due to weather, water, ground shifting, tree roots and usage. While it’s a nuisance to repair and correct in a driveway, imagine how frustrating, costly, and near impossible it would be to repair a colored and stamped patio.  Even small cracks are unsightly and spoil the illusion.

concrete cracked

Pavers, or paving stones, are installed individually leaving a narrow gap that is filled in with special paving sand. This method puts no stress on the pavers and allows them to shift without cracking in cases of ground movement, such as is caused by freeze-thaw conditions . An additional feature is that they have higher psi (pounds per square inch) strength t

han concrete and asphalt. Should damage to a paver ever occur, replacing them is relatively easy since they can be replaced individually and can be ordered by their color, shape and size.



The World is not Flat

Since pavers come in a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes homeowners can custom design a patio that accommodates an uneven terrain. Look for a single-source paving manufacturer that also produces steps, walls, and outdoor kitchens. These manufacturers specifically design textures and colors that complement their patio pavers.  This will allow you to create not only a patio, but a true outdoor living space; and by doing so, you’ll add valuable livable square footage (and value) to your home.

Other Points to Consider:

  • Reputable paver manufacturers guarantee that their pavers won’t crack or spall; you cannot obtain a similar guarantee for stamped concrete.
  • Stamped concrete requires expansion joints every 10 feet or so, which are very distracting in some patterns.
  • Patterned concrete pavements don’t allow access to underground utilities or the ability to make repairs.

So why spend all of your time and money on poured concrete repairs? At virtually the same price per square foot installed, pavers are clearly a superior choice.



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Hot Trends to Make your Patio the Place to Be this Summer

Hot Trends to Make your Patio the Place to Be this Summer

When you plan your summer gatherings, you start by taking stock of your patio and other outdoor living spaces, looking for ways to ‘wow” your guests, right? Even if your patio, walkways and gardens are in great shape, you can always enhance your outdoor space to make your yard the “place to be” in your neighborhood. You love your yard, but how much better would it be to carry that little moniker around this year?

Your yard is a representative of your design style. Thankfully, outdoor living is becoming more and more popular as homeowners look for ways to increase their comfort levels all around their home. The follow hot trends are guaranteed to add that little special something to your patio and yard that will take it from “how nice” to “oh wow”!

patioTake a (Really Comfy) Seat

Outdoor furniture is hotter than ever this year and you can believe us when we tell you this is not your mother’s patio set. Adding extravagance to functionality is all the rage for 2014, with pieces like outdoor sectionals, outdoor recliners and matching ottomans creating a indulgent a space as could be found in any living room.

When you plan for outdoor furniture, consider neutral colors for the base cushions so you can give yourself some creative license for next year’s new color trend.  You’ll be able to keep up with ever changing styles for years at minimal expense.

Mix and Match

Enhance the look of your patio design with mix and matched color for accents for your outdoor furniture in the form of extra cushions, pillows or even throw blankets for cool nights and for the accessories around your outdoor patio “room”. Once you organize the furniture the way you like it, it’s time to build the empty space around and between it to add a coziness to your patio space.

Both deep colors and exotic patterns are hot for accessories and accents this year. When you are fleshing out your patio design, the old rules of keeping to like colors or patterns is a thing of the past. Mix teal and dark purple with bright orange or animal prints with polka dots or stripes to make your space pop with vibrancy and life.

Some like it Wet

If you really want to take it up a notch, adding a water feature to your patio is a great way to offer a fabulous mood-maker along with an entertaining effect for kids and adults alike. Think of a small fountain or pond positioned at the edge of or even on your patio. The sound of trickling water and view of swimming fish or tumbling waterfalls will add a level of tranquility to your space and give guests even more reason to hang out.

Your yard is really just an extension of your home, and with the trends for decorating and enhancing patio space taking such a bold direction this year, you have cart blanche to make your outdoor living space the “place to be” for 2014!

-reposted from the Ep Henry blog

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Calling all Garden Enthusiasts – Daylight Savings Time is Here!

by: EP Henry

The time has finally come. We turned our clocks back at 2:00 AM Sunday, March 9, signaling daylight savings time, which is also a harbinger of the spring season (and the warm weather that comes with it). While it may irk some folks to lose an hour of sleep, others rejoice in the extra daylight we gain and the chance to resume their favorite outdoor activities, like cleaning up and redesigning their landscapes.

There are tons of ways to rework your existing gardens and yards, and the trends are running towards creating an outdoor living space that is as unique and comfortable as your living room. Check out some of the landscaping trends we think will be prevalent for 2014:


While some homeowners clean out flowerbeds and prune trees and shrubs, some plan to repurpose high-maintenance/low return lawn and garden areas into private outdoor entertainment spaces. Homeowners with large and small properties alike have taken to adding decorative pavers that define and beautify gardens. Adding walkways or apatio increases home value and function by expanding family living space.

While utilitarian in nature, new colors, patterns and finishes in pavers are being used to create scaled -down “at home” getaways all over America. Creative dwellers are transforming drab and unused yards into romantic getaways and private VIP party spots.

Please Be Seated

Remember those ugly, uncomfortable webbed lawn chairs? Those days are over. Furniture designs for outdoor entertaining rival indoor lines, and allow consumers to decorate their space and continue to maintain consistency with their home’s style and quality. Nowadays, patios sport teak, intricate cast aluminum, and all weather wicker sofas, loveseats and chairs.  Finishing touches using accent pillows in lush fabrics cozy up a cold corner and add personality and panache.

outdoor entertainment

Al Fresco Dining

A meal outdoors on a beautiful evening with good food and friends is one of life’s best simple pleasures. There’s something about it that encourages us to kick back and unwind.

While grills still reign supreme in outdoor cooking plans, seasoned cooks are now bringing it all outside. Landscapes are fit with modular kitchen kits that can be custom ordered to fit your particular lifestyle needs. Indoor appliances such as sinks, refrigerators and bars are now being duplicated outdoors. For those who entertain frequently, wine coolers, warming drawers and pizza ovens are now making the scene.

Gather Round the Fire

Not only to keep you warm in the fall and winter months when you venture outdoors, a cozy fire pit or outdoor fireplace provides a rustic gathering spot amidst your gardens. Kits are fully customizable in size and shape and homeowners can choose stone veneers such as ledgestone, river rock and brick.

Gazebo drapes, (patio curtains) offer privacy and shade and help to insulate the space around your fire on breezy evenings. These can be hung using hooks, rods or even Velcro for easy on/off installation.

Mood Lighting

To get the most out of your new outdoor entertainment space and enjoy your landscape into the night hours, outdoor lighting is both mood enhancing as well as functional. This finishing touch can really wow your party goers. Hurricane lamps or tiki lights along a path offer safety and draw guests into the space.  Adding string lights overhead invoke a Mediterranean courtyard while “washing” a wall in light or up-lighting trees adds interest and drama.  Try adding unexpected standing lamp fixtures to really bring the cozy feeling of the inside out.

So, don’t forget to spring forward in the wee hours of Sunday morning and get your extra hour of sun. However you choose to take advantage of the extra time, you’ll be sure to feel energized and invigorated after the extreme winter we’ve had this year.

Stop in and visit us here at Tussey Mountain Mulch Landscape Center for more ideas!!

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DIY Project-Matt Zunich

One of our loyal customers, Matt Zunich from Portage, PA, opens up his backyard to show how a backyard can be transformed into a beautiful retreat and entertainment area. The amazing part is that he did this all with his own two hands! Matt, you did a great job. Thanks for your business.

This is a Firerock fireplace covered with EP Henry Adirondack Ledgestone. Mr. Zunich added woodboxes to the side with Techo-bloc York cap.

This outdoor kitchen is constructed with a Junior Series RCS grill, an Eldorado kitchen box, and EP Henry Adirondack Ledgestone, matching the fireplace.

This raised patio has a Old Towne Cobble Circle Kit for the patio, with double sided Imperial Wall.

Watch the video below to see the entire project and hear his comments.

This summer Mr. Zunich added another component to his backyard retreat-a pondless waterfall. Once again he did it from start to finish with his own hard work and ingenuity! Check out the pictures.

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