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2014 Ice Melt Products and Pricing; Buy Ice Melt… before the ice comes!

American Rock Salt

Melts Effectively to 15 to 20 degrees F

American Rock Salt

American Rock Salt is easy to apply. It may be safely used on most surfaces ranging from blacktop, wood, stone, and gravel to properly cured air-entrained concrete.

50 lb. bag  -  $5.39 (1 pallet/49 bags)


TruMelt 12% Calcium

Melts Effectively to -20 F

$11.29 / 50 lb. bag (1 pallet = 56 bags)
TruMelt 12% is safer on concrete surfaces than other blends due to the inclusion rate of 12% calcium flakes. With 12% calcium flakes, the melting point is lower and minimizes freeze/thaw cycles and provides more protection from concrete damage such as spalling and chipping.

TruMelt 10% Magnesium

Melts Effectively to -10 F

$10.95 / 50 lb. bag (1 pallet = 56 bags)
TruMelt 10% is safer for pets and turf than calcium based products. If applied at recommended rates, it will not burn vegetation or pet paws. 

Ice Defense Calcium Chloride

 Melts Effectively to -25 F


$16.95 / 50 lb. bag (1 pallet = 48 bags)


Quick-acting calcium chloride pellets will melt snow and ice 2-5 times faster than a blended ice melt can. It generates heat upon contact, making it the most effective product for use against ice and snow. Excellent in generating melting heat upon contact. Is non-corrosive on concrete and will not chemically attack it. Few applications needed for results.


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New Ice Melt Product – TruMelt

TruMelt is recommended for concrete, sidewalks, steps, and pavers. TruMelt is also safer around animals, vegetation, and metal!

TruMelt combines 2 proven ice-melting compounds:90%solar evaporated and oven dried sodium chloride and 10% high purity magnesium chloride pellets. Together sodium chloride and magnesium chloride melt ice more efficiently and cost-effectively then either compound alone. TurMelt is very lightly tinted with a non-staining organic(biodegradable) green colorant to enhance application visibility. TruMelt is the premier choice for commercial and residential applications.  With the synergy of 10% Magnesium Chloride Pellets, TruMelt will continue working down to -10 degrees F.

TruMelt is blended from clean solar evaporated salt and is dryer and more free flowing than any ice melter on the market. It provides a clump free product for ease of application.  An anti-caking flowing agent is added to enhance flow-ability. fines are screened out and the largest crystals are 1/4 inch in diameter to ensure maximum traction and safety on snow and ice while minimizing fugitive dust.

What differentiates TruMelt from other blended products is the full disclosure label and high performance ingredients. Snow fighting professionals that are looking for full disclosure of  ingredients need look no further than our TruMelt which is true to its name. We have nothing to hide and you will find full disclosure of ingredients on the bag.  When other melters say “proprietary” under ingredients, there is a reason they don’t want to comply with Federal Right-to-Know laws with full disclosure!!

TruMelt comes in 50lb bags and is sold for $10.95 a bag.

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Ice Melt Products

Snow is in the Air!!

Don’t forget to get that much needed salt for those icy mornings!
You can pick up a bag or pallet right at our office.
   American Rock Salt 

     American Rock Salt

Ice and Snow Melter

      Melt Temp. (-15 degrees F)

      50 lb bag for $6.25
.   We have this salt in stock and will be open on Saturday, March 1st  from 8 – 12!
.          So you can pick some up before the big storm!

Calcium Chloride Pellets  

Melt Temp. (-25 degrees F)

50 lb bag for $15.95    
Currently out of Stock…Sorry!    
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