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Public Landscape Auction… coming right up! (Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012)

Click here to watch a video overview of our Public Landscape Auction

If you enjoy auctions as much as I do, then you will be excited to read this announcement! Just around the corner (Saturday, Oct. 13) we are hosting a Public Landscape Auction at our Mulch Processing Facility along Charger Highway (3 mi South of Hollidaysburg on Rt. 36).


  • Discontinued Hardscape
  • Natural Stone
  • Overstock Patio Furniture
  • A huge selection of plants from 3 different greenhouses/nurseries
  • Hundreds of Columner Arborvitae – see pictures below
  • Sheds and chicken coops from Lake View Sheds…

will be among the grand selection to be auctioned off.

There will also be a Concession Stand serving BBQ Chicken Meals, drinks, and ice cream. (What’s an auction without food… right?) We are looking forward to this event and hope that you will mark this off on your calendars! If you have any questions about this event, don’t hesitate to ask one of us. Hope to see you there!

CLICK HERE to view a printable version of an Auction Flyer. Auctioneer: Wisecarver’s Auction Service. CLICK HERE to go to their site and see our Auction listed.

We will be selling hundreds of Columner Arborvitae. Some will be dug beforehand and others at a later date.

Columner Arborvitae are…
  • excellent plants for creating a natural privacy fence without forfeiting yard space
  • a fast-growing buffer
  • very hardy and require very little maintenance
  • great at retaining their deep green color all year
  • capable of being sheared back to limit their heights.


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Benefits of Mulching

By June Zimmerman

TMMLC Nursery/Sales Associate

So why go to the extra work of mulching your flowerbeds or gardens? There are several very good reasons why using mulch is beneficial.

        *  Mulch keeps weeds down and also keeps them from germinating.

        *  It also helps keep moisture in the ground which is a big plus during hot summer months.

        *  Certain kinds of mulch add nutrients to your soil.

        *  Mulching in the fall keeps roots of more sensitive plants from freezing during the winter.

So what kind of mulch do you need? Regular undyed bark mulch is great for trees, shrubs, blueberry plants, etc. Dyed hardwood mulch works just as well, plus it keeps its color longer. Bark mulch will soon fade, but the benefit of it is, that it will deteriorate more quickly than the dyed hardwood and add more nutrients to your soil.

 For vegetable gardens and flowerbeds planted with annuals, mushroom compost is a wonderful choice.  Besides keeping down weeds and keeping in moisture, it also acts as a fertilizer to your plants. Mushroom compost is also a good choice to mulch your roses with in the fall to protect them during the winter.

Watch the video below to see the process our mulch goes through before it’s available to you.

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A Mulch Processing Video

Since we supply a lot of contractors and home owners in central PA with mulch, we decided to put together a short video to give you a glimpse at the process it goes through before being available to our customers. We use only quality products gotten from sawmills as well as a food grade dye on our dyed mulches. For pricing and more information on our mulches, CLICK HERE or call us at (814)696.1920.

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Our Mulch Processing Facility

Did you know that we have our own Mulch processing facility here in Hollidaysburg? We are the Largest Mulch processor in Central PA. We stock and process thousands of yards of mulch annually. We dye our own mulch in 3 different colors, black, chocolate and red. We supply other garden centers around the region as well as sell it at our Landscape Center. We take pride in having top quality products and our mulch is no different. We work hard to bring you the best! Click here to view the different options we have available.

A large pile of Premium Bark Mulch, all ready to be shipped

Our mulch processor dyeing chocolate mulch

We also process a dyed red and black mulch

Loading up one of our delivery trucks for delivery

We can send this delivery truck to your place! Call today to order!

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