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Mulch Giveaway

Don’t Miss Out…our December Mulch giveaway is now on Facebook!!

On Monday, December 23rd, We are giving away 15 yards of our most popular mulch. Watch this video we just took to see how we process this mulch. 3 people will win a voucher for 5 yards of premium bark mulch. So go to our facebook page and find this video. Then you must like us, share the video, and comment about it to be registered to win!!  The drawing will be held before Christmas, so you’ll have time to pick it up, and give it away if you wish. There will be 3 winners this time!! You just might be a lucky winner.

Click here to get started!

Click here if you want more information or want to visit our Mulch page! 


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Gator Mulch Bond

Mulch Bond is a brand new product from Alliance Gator, designed specifically to keep mulch in place. Read below to learn about its benefits.

Helps resist:


        * Wash out

        * Wind


        *Remains permeable for watering

        *Keeps mulch in place

        *Reduces maintenance and clean up

        *VOC-Free EPA Compliant

        *Durable in extreme temperatures

        *Retains humidity

Applying Mulch Bond is done in four simple steps:

 1.Shake Mulch Bond container prior to filling the sprayer.

2.Use the sprayer to bind mulch in place.

3.Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours without rain.

4.Rinse sprayer with water once the Mulch Bond application is completed.

Coverage rate is 1 gallon per 100 square feet for new areas and 1 gallon per 200 square feet for maintenance. Outside temperatures need to be above 60°F to apply.
Stop by or call us at 814-696-1920 for pricing on this product!
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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

This Friday, Saturday and Monday- Our Memorial Day Sale!!!

    *  Hours: Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, and Monday 8-12.

    *  Know-n-Grow Seminar~The Perfect Planters

    *  20% off roses

    *  $2 off per yard of mulch

Read below to find out more about what’s happening this weekend.

Have you done your mulching yet? Well, this weekend is the perfect time to get it done if you haven’t! All of our mulch will be $2 off per yard Friday, Saturday and Monday!!! CLICK HERE to see our mulch page and check out all your options. And don’t consider skipping it for this year-read last week’s blog post to find out just why mulching is important for the health and beauty of your landscape.


But that’s not everything-all roses are 20% off this weekend!

We’re also having our first Know~n~Grow this Saturday. CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

Stop by to take advantage of these sales this weekend-we look forward to seeing you!!

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Why Mulch??

Have you done your mulching yet for this spring? It’s never too late to mulch!

Is it worth going to the extra work of mulching your flowerbeds or gardens? Absolutely! There are several very good reasons why using mulch is beneficial.

        *  Mulch keeps weeds down and keeps them from germinating.

        *  It helps keep moisture in the ground which is a big plus during hot summer months.

        *  As it breaks down and decomposes it adds nutrients to your soil.

        *  Mulching in the fall keeps roots of more sensitive plants from freezing during the winter.

So what kind of mulch do you need? Regular undyed bark mulch is great for trees, shrubs, blueberry plants, etc. Dyed hardwood mulch does the job as well, plus it keeps its color longer. Bark mulch will soon fade but has an advantage in that it adds more nutrients to your soil since it decomposes more quickly.

 For vegetable gardens and flowerbeds planted with annuals, mushroom compost is the perfect choice.  Besides keeping down weeds and keeping in moisture, it also acts as a fertilizer to your plants. Mushroom compost is also the best kind of mulch to mulch your roses with in the fall for protection from the winter elements.

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Repeating March Mulch Madness Sale!!!!

Due to the cold, the snow, and the bitter wind, not many of us were much interested in mulch last weekend when we had our March Mulch Madness Sale. And so we’re giving you a second chance to take advantage of this opportunity. We are re-running our sale this Friday and Saturday, March 29 & 30. This sale gives you $5 off per yard!!! This still applies to the normal discount that you receive when buying a quantity of five or more yards. So stop by this weekend, or call and schedule for delivery. Delivery doesn’t have to be this weekend; you can get it whenever you like! CLICK HERE to visit our mulch page.

See what mulch can do for you! Take advantage of our sale to spruce up your own flowerbeds!



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Register for our upcoming seminars!

We have two seminars coming up for the weekend of March 22-23: Better Birding and Why Mulch? CLICK HERE to see more information or to register. Hope to see you here!

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